Initial Eligibility

In preparation for the upcoming academic year (July), the coaching staff is provided with Freshman Admissions procedures and NCAA Eligibility Center (EC) procedures by the Assistant AD for Compliance. One information sheet is written for the coach’s use, one is written in language for a prospect’s use. The initial eligibility process is started by receipt of the UMass Athletics Freshman Admissions form, with a copy of the prospect’s transcript through grade eleven and a copy of their test scores attached. This process is required for all recruited prospects, including potential walk-ons.

The prospect is added to the UMass IRL at the NCAA Eligibility Center upon receipt of these documents. The prospect’s information is also entered into the (Access) Prospect Database for the purposes of tracking their admissions status throughout the academic year. A core evaluation is done and the forms are processed for the Freshman Admissions Director for an admissibility check. The Senior Associate Director (SAD) for Freshman Admissions uses the form and academic documents to evaluate the prospect’s admissibility as determined by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (MBOHE) requirements. Admission into the prospect’s major of choice is also reviewed at this time. When the evaluation is completed by the SAD for Freshman Admissions, the forms are returned to the Assistant AD for Compliance. The prospect’s MBOHE GPA, test scores and admissions comments regarding admissibility are entered into the prospect database and the coach is then copied on the updated forms as well as any deficiencies that will need to be handled for admission. 

The Assistant AD for Compliance is responsible for monitoring the status of the prospects application, admission and completion through enrollment confirmation. Whenever possible the admissibility check is done prior to a prospect’s official visit to the university and/or an offer of athletic financial aid. The coaches are provided with application status reports, admissions decision reports, enrollment confirmation reports, and a no application list showing any prospects who have not applied. These reports are provided at least twice a month during the academic year by the Assistant AD for Compliance until the deadline for fall enrollment in their particular program.

Incoming freshmen confirmed in admissions are added to each team’s fall roster in May as the process begins for certification for the upcoming academic year. Any requirements for prospects on the NCAA Eligibility Center that are incomplete are provided to the coach at this time and continued as needed throughout the summer months. The Assistant AD for Compliance monitors completion of these tasks.

The Assistant AD for Compliance mails a packet to all incoming freshman prospects listed on the team’s roster starting in May. The mailing includes the Initial Eligibility form, The UMass Amateurism form and the Media Relations Form. The mailing includes instructions on completion of the forms, a business reply envelope and a due date for receipt in the Compliance Office. The mailing also includes final instructions noting the importance of checking his/her status at the NCAA Eligibility Center to assure final certification for amateurism has been requested and he/she is on track for final certification for academics.