Amateurism Post-Eligibility Center

In order to ensure that prospects and student-athletes continue to maintain their amateurism status after final amateurism certification is granted by the NCAA, beginning in July the Assistant AD for Compliance includes an Amateurism update form for all incoming freshmen in the summer mailing in order to receive information on what those prospects have been doing since they finalized their answers in the Clearinghouse.  The Assistant AD and/or the Associate AD for Compliance reviews any potential amateurism issues with prospects not covered by the Clearinghouse (e.g., preferential treatment, continuation of modeling, etc.).  Beginning in August through the month of September, the Compliance Staff reviews the amateurism standards with all student-athletes at the initial team meetings.  Throughout the academic year, education with elite student-athletes, student-athletes continuing to model and other student athletes identified as at-risk for amateurism violations are ongoing and/or as needed.  Elite student-athletes are given access to the professional sports counseling panel chaired by the Faculty Athletics Representative. At the end of the year meetings, amateurism rules, especially outside competition and employment, are reviewed with all returning student-athletes.