Financial Aid - Policies and Procedures

Administration of Financial Aid

Scholarships - Initial and Renewal
Coaches must request financial aid for any incoming or returning student-athlete by completing the Athletics Scholarship Request form. The form must be signed by the head coach and the appropriate sport supervisor and then submitted to the Compliance Office. If the student-athlete is an incoming student, the Compliance Office will prepare the NLI and/or Financial Aid Contract (as requested on the form) and return it to the coaching staff to send by overnight mail to the designated address, email, or fax.

Upon receipt of the returned NLI and/or Financial Aid Contract, the Compliance Office will verify appropriate signatures, dates and times. If the NLI is valid, a copy of the NLI and Financial Aid Contract will be sent by the Compliance Office to the Conference Office within the requisite deadline. The Compliance Office will then add the data to the sport’s budget worksheet and the Scholarship Report for the respective year. The Financial Aid Office shall set up the student-athlete's scholarship according to the Scholarship Report. Again, coaches must request financial aid for any returning student-athlete by completing their sport’s Budget Worksheet. For those student-athletes whose scholarship is being renewed, the Compliance Office shall prepare a scholarship authorization and e-mail it to the Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office shall set up the student-athlete's scholarship according to the authorization. A student-athlete may receive a maximum of five years of athletics aid within a six year period that starts with the first term of full-time collegiate enrollment at any school (please refer to NCAA Bylaw 15.01.5).

The form can be found on the Coaches Compliance Forms site on the compliance webpage.

Squad Lists
The NCAA Squad Lists are required to be completed, signed and kept on file for each sport prior to the date of their first competition. The completion of Squad Lists is to be done along with Eligibility Reports prior to the first competition.

The Financial Aid Office has the responsibility of inputting all financial aid information into the NCAA Compliance Assistant program. The data from University Records (as posted on SPIRE) is compared to CAi by both the Financial Aid Office and the Compliance Office several times each year. The data is also subject to a University audit for a complete and independent check for accuracy in reporting.

Non-Counter Letters
For all financial aid received by a student-athlete that does not count against their team's overall scholarship limits, a certification letter must be on file. The Compliance Office shall use the NCAA Compliance Assistance program to prepare all Non-Counter Letters. The Compliance Office shall obtain appropriate signatures on all such letters and maintain a copy of the completed letter in each student-athlete's file.

Outside Scholarships
All outside scholarships received by the University for student-athletes will be held and shall not be placed on the student-athlete's account until cleared by both the Financial Aid Office and the Compliance Office. The Financial Aid Office shall review all student-athletes for outside scholarships and will determine what role athletics played in granting the scholarship. The Financial Aid Office shall send a letter to the originator of the scholarship to determine the role athletic participation played in granting the scholarship. After the criterion of the outside scholarship has been determined, the Compliance Office shall enter the information into the Compliance Assistance program. If it is determined that the outside scholarship is countable against the team's overall scholarship limits, then the Compliance Office shall notify the head coach.

Scholarship - Reductions and Non-Renewals
If a coach is going to reduce or cancel a student-athlete's scholarship for the following academic year they must complete the  Athletics Scholarship Request form and indicate that they are reducing or non-renewing the athletics aid of the student-athlete. The Compliance Office will then forward the reduction or non-renewal to the Financial Aid Office who will prepare the reduction/cancellation letter and mail the letter, along with the Financial Aid Appeal Procedures, to the student-athlete no later than July 1.