Declaration of Playing Season

During the second week of July, the UMass Playing & Practice Season Declaration Form  is distributed to the Head Coaches of all sports other than football and basketball. This form compiles important information regarding the playing & practice season.  For all sports, the form must be completed and returned to the Compliance Office no later than August 15. Another option is for the head coach to complete the information in CAi - playing and practice seasons. The missed class form must still be turned in to Academic Services for review and approval.
First Dates of Practice and Competition, Number of Contests/Dates of Competition, and Number of Countable Days
First dates of practice and outside competition, the number of contests or dates of competition, as well as the number of countable days used in the planned playing & practice season, can be determined by contacting Kim Callicoatte, Associate AD for Compliance prior to June 1.
Scheduling and Missed-Class Policy
Pursuant to the University's missed-class policy, the UMass Athletics Scheduling Form is distributed to each Head Coach as part of the Playing and Practice Season Declaration Form. This form is used to compile information regarding competition times, conflicts with key academic dates, and the projected number of class days missed due to team travel and competition. It must be completed and returned to the Associate AD no later than August 15.
Men's Basketball schedules must be approved by the FAR prior to the first contest. Approval must include all missed classes for each semester. Travel arrangements may not be made prior to this approval.
Recording of Daily and Weekly Hours
Coaches are required to report the maximum amount of hours that any student-athlete on their team participated in on a given day and/or week. CARA logs are due on Tuesday of each week for the preceding week.  The official active roster in the compliance office will be used to determine the student-athletes that participated in a given week. Any additions/deletions to that roster should go through the Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance. The Participation Record and Report provided after each contest and at the conclusion of a sport's season will be the official record of individuals participating in competition and/or athletically-related activities. The CARA Logs are designed ONLY to determine a sport's compliance to their declared season, the 4 hours a day and 20/8 hours per week regulations, and the required one/two days off per week.   Once the compliance office receives the CARA Log, compliance will then, in turn, provide a copy to the SAAC representatives for the respective sport. This will allow for student-athlete review of their playing and practice season data for accuracy. At the beginning of the year meeting, compliance will provide information to all student-athletes outlining the playing and practice season regulations. It is their responsibility as student-athletes to review the material we will provide to them on a monthly basis and report anything they feel was reported inaccurately.