Commitment to Institutional Control

Our first and primary goal in this area has always been to comply diligently with institutional, conference, and NCAA regulations. While our most recent Atlantic 10 Conference Review praised UMass for its efficient systems in this regard, care must be taken not to become complacent. Compliance to NCAA and Atlantic 10 rules is a campus-wide priority with strict oversight by the Chancellor. Currently the chancellor is actively involved in athletics and his role is as follows:
  • The Chancellor regularly meets with the Director of Athletics
  • The Chancellor reviews proposed NCAA legislation;
  • The Chancellor reviews financial audits, graduation rate reports, and APR reports;
  • The Chancellor participates in Atlantic 10 CEO conference calls; and e. The Chancellor certifies the institution's compliance per Bylaw 30.3.

The Chancellor has ultimate responsibility and authority for the operation, fiscal integrity, and personnel of the athletics program.  As such, the continued involvement of the Chancellor is critical to the overall success of the compliance program.  Constant communication between the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) and the Chancellor is also critical. The FAR and Chancellor meet on a regular basis to discuss the status of athletics. The FAR provides periodic statements to the Athletics Council and the Chancellor regarding our commitment to compliance and ethical behavior. Finally, the Director of Athletics will continue to reinforce our commitment to compliance and ethical behavior on a regular basis to all departmental staff members.