Camps and Clinics - Policies and Procedures

All sport camps and clinics must be registered with the athletics compliance office at least 60 days prior to the event. All websites and brochures related to advertisement or promotion of the camp must be approved prior to publication. The steps listed below must be followed:

  1. Each sport intending to conduct a camp/clinic must designate an individual (head/assistant coach, operations director) to serve as camp director. The director is responsible for ensuring that proper policies and procedures are followed.
  2. Submit proper UMASS Sport Program Activity  Form to the athletic compliance office with any necessary attachments [i.e., brochures, website materials, advertisement, etc.] in advance of printing brochures or advertisements. 
  3. Complete the UMass Sport Program Activity checklist and submit to the office of athletic compliance at least 30 days prior to the camp.

Each camp director must complete the following forms in their entirety. The post-camp reports must be submitted to the Associate Athletics Director for Facilities within 30 days following the completion of all camp/clinic sessions. Subsequent to the camp or clinic the following forms must be submitted to the athletics compliance office:     Camp Director may submit this information in any matter; does not have to appear on this specific form.

·       Attendee Spreadsheet with names, amount owed, method of payment, discount (if any), and amount paid.

·       UMASS Sports Camp / Clinic Refund List (one submitted for each session of camp.

·       FINAL UMASS Camp / Clinic Student-Athlete & Staff Compensation Form (one submitted for each session of camp)

Other Camp and Clinic Procedures

All athletics staff members employed in or attending (i.e., coaches evaluating prospects) sports camps and clinics (i.e., private or other institution’s camp or clinic) must provide information concerning the camp or clinic on the UMASS Camp/Clinic Approval Form. The Camp/Clinic Administrator must fill out all parts and sign.
In men's basketball, UMass basketball camps and clinics must be identical in regard to participation, registration procedure, fee structure, advertisement and logistical experience (e.g., lodging, meals, transportation, or awards/mementos).  
Rules Governing Coaches’ Involvement
  1. No UMASS staff member may be employed (either on a salaried or volunteer basis) by a camp or clinic established, sponsored or conducted by an individual or organization that provides recruiting or scouting services.
  2. A football or basketball camp, clinic or coaching school which is owned or operated by a UMASS coach and in which prospects participate, may take place only during the months of June, July and August.
  3. NCAA recruiting calendar exceptions - recruiting rules do not apply to collegiate coaches who are employed in a UMASS camp (no written offers of aid may be extended). However, other coaches attending a camp, conducted by UMASS coaches on the UMASS campus, as observers are subject to recruiting contact and evaluation restrictions. The same is true for any UMASS coaches attending another institution’s camp as an observer.
  4. A sports camp or clinic conducted by UMASS coaches at which prospects participate may not be held during a dead period for that sport.
  5. A UMASS basketball coaching staff member may attend only institutional basketball camps per bylaw and non-institutional organized events (e.g., camps, leagues, tournaments and festivals) that are certified per bylaw 30.16. UMASS coaches are responsible for ensuring that the event they attend is on the list of certified events prior to departing campus for such event.

Rules Governing Employment of UMASS Student-Athletes in Camps/Clinics

  1. Great care must be exercised when hiring UMASS student-athletes to work summer camps. The provisions and interpretations of NCAA bylaws related to playing and practice seasons (Bylaw 17) and summer camps (Bylaw 13.13) are to be followed when student-athletes are employed by the Camp Director. If questions arise as to the permissibility of employment, the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance must be consulted prior to employment.
  2. A student-athlete who is employed at a sports camp or clinic conducted by UMASS coaches must meet the following criteria:  
    1. Compensation must be commensurate with the regularly accepted rates for camp counselors with similar qualifications and responsibilities. The student-athlete must be compensated from the camp or clinic’s general account and not from a coach’s personal account. International student-athletes who are employed by the camp must be paid via a University time sheet with a University issued check through the business office account established for this purpose.
    2. A student-athlete who only lectures or demonstrates at a camp or clinic may not receive compensation for his/her appearance at the camp or clinic.
    3. The student-athlete shall not participate in organized practice activities other than during the institution’s playing season in the sport.

Rules Governing Employment of High School, Prep School or JC Coaches

  1. The University or UMASS athletic department employees may employ a high school, preparatory school or two-year college coach at a UMASS camp or clinic, provided:
    1. The coach receives compensation that is commensurate with the going rate for camp counselors of like teaching ability and camp experience, and the coach is not compensated or reimbursed based on the number of campers the coach sends to the camp.
    2. The coach is not paid on the basis of the value the coach may have for the employer because of the coach’s reputation or contact with prospective student-athletes; and


 ** In men's basketball, a UMass camp or clinic may not employ (either on a volunteer or paid basis) an individual associated with a recruited prospect. Additional paperwork is required for men's basketball camps and clinics.

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