Awards Approval and Monitoring

  • All requests for award purchases must be approved through Kim Callicoatte's office  prior to purchase arrangement.
  • Once approved, purchase should be arranged with the Business Office. 
  • Elaine will insure compliance with Bylaw 16 maximums (in consultation with compliance office).
  • Coaching staff will log individual and team award value totals into the Awards Log.
  • Coaching staff will house the Awards Log on their computer and keep track of sports awards purchases throughout the academic year.
  • After the end of all the sports’ seasons (in the summer), coaches will forward the complete Awards Log to the compliance office for review.
  • Compliance will confirm adherence to Bylaw 16 regulations and keep the electronic log for recording purposes.

Awards Limitations

Student-athletes may not sell, trade or upgrade any item they receive due to their participation in athletics.

Who May Receive Awards -- All members of a team may receive participation awards and special attainment awards (i.e., scholar-athlete, team leader award). However, only student-athletes who were eligible to compete in conference, NCAA or other post-season tournaments or events may receive awards in conjunction with those events.

Awards for Participation in Special Events -- NCAA rules permit the management of an established meet or tournament and/or the institution to provide an award or combination of awards that do not exceed $350 in value. For example, if Michigan's women's basketball team was participating in a four-team holiday tournament, it would be permissible to provide the participating student-athletes with an award such as a winter coat.

Value of Awards -- Only retail value may be used in calculating the value of an award provided to a student-athlete, even if the awards were received free of charge or at a reduced price. However, if a vendor offers a volume discount that is offered to all purchasers of similar volume, the value of the award may be based on the discounted price.

Student-Athlete Contributing to Award Purchase -- It is impermissible for student-athletes to contribute money, even voluntarily, to cover the cost of an award.

Combining Awards -- All awards must be treated independently. Thus, it would not be permissible to combine the value of a $325 participation award with a $175 MVP award to purchase a $500 award for a student-athlete.

Uniformity of Awards -- NCAA rules require that all awards provided to members of a team be uniform. One exception to this rule allows more than one type of award to be provided to groups of student-athletes within a team (i.e., all seniors get rings, all underclassmen get watches).

Game balls -- It is not permissible to award game balls to student-athletes for specialized performances in particular contests or events (e.g., "player of the game"); however an institution may provide a game ball to a student-athlete only on an occasional basis to recognize an extraordinary achievement (e.g., establishing an institutional record).