Admissions Procedures


Conducted by Assistant AD for Compliance and Associate Director for Admissions


ADMISSIBLE:  if prospect continues on present track and graduates prospect will be admitted to UMASS Athletics


ADMISSIBLE with Additional items:   If prospect continues on present track and graduates plus meets any conditions assigned by admissions; ex: higher verbal score, additional math class, etc


  • PROSPECTS whose evaluation BOHE is 3.0 or higher with a “decent” test score will be deemed admissible.


  • PROSPECTS  whose evaluation BOHE is below a 3.0 but in combination with a test score meets the sliding scale index on the sheet will be deemed admissible

COACHES’ EXCEPTION:   Prospect’s BOHE is between a 2.0 and 3.0 however the test score/GPA combination does not meet the sliding scale.  With a good senior year, the prospect is admissible provided there is a letter of support written by the coach and included in the admissions file.


MAJOR APPEAL: Prospect is an NCAA qualifier however the BOHE GPA falls below a 2.0.   An appeal through the Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Campus Affairs is required. Appeal includes: letter from prospect, letter from academic personnel at HS, letter from Head Coach, letter from Associate AD for Admin and Compliance. In the sports of men's and women's basketball, appeals may be made for NCAA nonqualifiers.


  • All prospects entering the University through this appeal avenue will be tracked academically each term and the information reported to the Vice Chancellor’s Office.  Should a prospect not be successful, the VC may withdraw the availability of this type of appeal from that sport team.