Summer and ongoing, coaches should obtain at least a sixth semester academic transcript and SAT or ACT test score for all important recruits.  The coach should complete the top part of the evaluation sheet for admissions, using the proper name of the prospect and including the Social Security number or Eligibility Center ID.  Attach transcript and test score.

a.      If a prospect has a desire for a specific major, that should be indicated

b.      If the prospect is certified as learning disabled, documentation should be filed directly with Admissions.

Submit Evaluation sheets (in tact) and copy of transcripts/test scores to Compliance office for forwarding to Admissions.  At this time the coach should notify the prospect and let them know the following:

a.      They should complete an on-line application.

b.      Have all official transcripts and other supplemental information sent to:

Compliance Office


233 Boyden

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA 01003

(Note all applicants must pay application fee unless they qualify for a fee waiver and documentation is provided by their high school guidance office; enrollment fee will be waived for full-scholarship student-athletes only)


·        Coaches should update admissions list with the Asst. AD for Compliance weekly by deleting any prospects that you are no longer interested in. Please note deleting prospect will remove the athletics “tag” from the admissions system. If the student has applied the application will then move through the regular system. If you know a prospect is not going to attend, ask them to officially withdraw from the regular applicant pool. 

·        Recruits signed in the early signing period should have complete apps except for final transcripts to the Admissions Office by November 30th, but are encouraged to apply Early Action prior to November 1.

·        Recruits signed after that date should have completed application in to the Admissions Office within two weeks of signing if a domestic student.

·        International prospects should have completed applications in to the Admissions Office within three weeks of signing or January 15, whichever is earlier in order to ensure timely processing of I-20/Visa paperwork.

·        The latest a freshman recruit may initiate an application is August 1st and complete information should be sent to Admissions within one (1) week.

·        The latest a transfer may initiate an application is August 15th and complete information should be sent to Admissions within one (1) week.

·        Coaches are responsible for assuring that all prospects Offered admission follow through with the steps to move their status to Confirmed as soon as possible after admissions is offered. Confirmed means student has returned enrollment sheet and paid the enrollment fee.  Full-ride scholarship student-athletes do not need to pay the enrollment fee. Additionally, for foreign student athletes, a bank statement and a sponsor form must be submitted.

·        Midyear entrants must have a completed application on file at least one week prior to the term.