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Official vs. Unofficial Visits

posted Apr 14, 2010, 12:40 PM by Kim Callicoate

Several times during the year you may read in the local papers and/or magazines about prospective student-athletes visiting an institution.
There are two types of visits to an institution's campus that a prospective student-athlete may take. The first is an unofficial visit. An unofficial visit is a visit in which the prospect and the prospect's family pay for the expenses associated with visiting the institution. The only expenses/entertainment that a prospect may receive during an unofficial visit is three complimentary admissions to a campus athletic event and a tour of practice and competition sites along with other institutional facilities within a 30-mile radius of campus. Prospects may visit an institution's campus "unofficially" as many times as they desire.
The second type of visit is called an official visit. This is the visit where lodging, meals and limited entertainment are provided to the prospect and his/her parents or legal guardian. Furthermore, the round trip travel expenses can be provided to the prospect for his or her direct travel to and from the institution's campus. The entertainment may consist of complimentary admissions to campus athletic events and facility tours similar to the unofficial visit. A prospect is usually assigned to a student-host for the visit. The student-host can be provided with $30 per day for reasonable general entertainment purposes (e.g., movie, other events). Prospects may only make one official visit to any single institution and are limited to a maximum of five official visits to Division I or II institutions. For more information regarding official and unofficial visits, or any other question pertaining to NCAA regulations, please contact the Athletic Compliance Office or visit our website.