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No Pass, No Play

posted Mar 1, 2010, 6:48 AM by Kim Callicoate

In order to practice and compete in college athletics, student-athletes must meet two standards for academic achievement: Remain in good academic standing and maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree.
Good academic standing: A student-athlete who represents UMass in intercollegiate athletics must remain in good academic standing, just like any other member of the general student body. "Good academic standing" is defined by the University, and includes a minimum grade point average and required courses.
Satisfactory Progress: The satisfactory progress requirements set forth by the NCAA are very complex, and are calculated by the Registrar's Office. One of several satisfactory progress requirements is percentage of degree completion. According to the NCAA, to remain eligible, student-athletes must have completed 40% of the requirements for their specified degree program at the end of their second year of enrollment. By the end of their third year of enrollment, the student athlete must have completed 60% of the degree program, and 80% by the end of their fourth year of enrollment.
Failure to maintain either good academic standing or satisfactory progress toward a degree will render the student athlete ineligible. The underlying principle behind the two rules is to ensure the student-athlete is on track to graduate with a baccalaureate degree. If you have any questions about academic eligibility, or any other compliance issue, please consult the Athletic Compliance Office.