Hello, My name is Ashika Umanga.I work as an software engineer in Tokyo .
I get to work on interesting projects ranging from bioinformatics applications,scientific tools and computer visualization.
Take a look at my porfolio for some selected projects that I have worked with.

Before coming to Japan, I worked at two major software companies in Sri Lanka - IFS RnD and Aeturnum.

My home country is Sri Lanka ,known as the pearl of the Indian ocean and raised in the beautiful hill capital - Kandy .
I went to St.Sylvesters College and finished my special degree in Computer Science at University of Peradeniya in 2008.

Programming has been one of my hobbies for quite a long time and I am lucky enough to do it as my job as well.
My interested areas include ,
  • Computer graphics  (OpenGL) and game programming
  • High performance computing (parallel and grid computing)
  • XML technologies
I also like watching movies (since the list is pretty long, I'll just say the most re-watched movies a Fight Club,Contact).
Mostly I listen to industrial and alternative rock including bands like Nine Inch Nails,System of a down,Marilyn Manson,Tool and The Rasmus.
I am also interested in philosophies of Alan Watts and Sam Harris which mainly address on human consciousness,mind,subjectivity and morals. Being a Buddhist,I believe in karma and selfless-ness as well.