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English, Math, Science, and Social Studies

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 English - Sr. Munazira
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As salaam-u-Alaikum. My name is Sr. Saba and I am very happy to be your child's grade one teacher. This year will definitely be exciting for the grade ones as they explore different perspectives and approach challenges with a smile on their face. In order for this to be a successful year, the students and I will work together, along with their parents to make sure they smile for the rest of the year. I look forward to meeting you all and to a great year Insha Allah!

This is an example of the work we have done so far:
A huge applause goes to the grade ones who worked so hard and coloured the community helpers and wrote descriptions for each of them. it is currently hanging outside of our class and it looks wonderful! This couldn't have been possible without them!. Keep up the great work Grade 1! 😃
Student of the Week:
Last week, the student of the week certificate was awarded to Afnan Mohammad for being a dedicated and hard working student. Congratulations Afnan, and keep up the good work!

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Last week, the students of grade one successfully finished unit one of math, which was number and numeration. This resulted in the students writing a math test today (01/10/2018) and InSha Allah we will move on to subtraction tomorrow. With the perseverance and commitment of the students, they will enjoy doing math for the rest of the year! Great job grade ones!
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