Border Enforcement Autonomous Tracked Sentinel

Project Overview:

The purpose of our UMaine senior capstone project is to build an autonomous land drone designed to traverse unstable, muddy terrain to patrol the border between Maine and Canada. Presently there is no efficient way to patrol this border. “BEATS” which stands for Border Enforcement Autonomous Tracked Sentinel could revolutionize homeland security. In addition, the land drone competition will give future UMaine students a new precedent for autonomous robot design and competition. The major objective of BEATS will be to complete a competition course faster and more precisely than similar land drones built by groups of our peers.

The objective is to build a ground drone that:

  • Moves autonomously over a variety of challenging terrains between a given collection of GPS points
  • Collect acoustic data greater than 90 decibels (Gun shot)
  • Collect video data
  • Report back to collection area for data retrieval