Milestone StatusDate Complete / DeadlineLink to Work

Base line drawings                         

Complete October 13th, 2015 Base Line Drawings 

Preliminary Design

CompleteOctober 20th, 2015Design
Preliminary Controls
CompleteOctober 20th, 2015Preliminary Controls 
Preliminary Design Review and Sign-OffCompleteOctober 20th, 2015Design Review Powerpoint 
Initial Design Package SubmissionCompleteDecember 8th, 2015 12/8 Design Package
Revised Design Package SubmissionCompleteJanuary 19th, 2015 Design
Second Semester

Order PartsCompleteJanuary 31st, 2015 Vended Parts List
Build Chassis Complete March 11th, 2016 Fabrication
Build DrivetrainCompleteMarch 25th, 2016 Fabrication
First Operation CompleteApril 7th, 2016First Track Operation
Pre-Test 1 (move 100 feet under own power)CompleteApril 7th, 2016 100ft Dash
Pre-Test 2 ("dog leg" challenge)CompleteApril 21st, 2016Steering Attempt
Start TestingCompleteApril 7th, 2016Testing
Finalized Design PackageCompleteApril 28th, 2016Design Package
Finalized Control Schematic/ Wiring DiagramCompleteApril 28th, 2016Wiring Diagram & Schematic
CompetitionCompleteApril 30th, 2016 WLBZ Competition Coverage
Infrastructure Project        Complete May 5th, 2016Infrastructure Project
Finish TestingCompleteMay 6th, 2016Testing
Finish PosterCompleteMay 9th, 2016Poster
Crosby Open House    CompleteMay 10th, 2016Open House Pictures
Final ReportCompleteMay 13th, 2016Final Report