Natural Gas is a readily available and clean alternative fuel source that could change the transportation industry if a conversion of gasoline to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) can be engineered. Our objective is to make an Arctic Cat XF 1100 Snowmobile run on CNG. Presently, there is not stoichiometrically correct fuel flow into the cylinders. The injection of CNG into the cylinders is where much engineering has to be done.  Our objective is to make this snowmobile, which has a low-volume, high-revving engine, run by engineering the fuel injection system and tuning the injectors through the ECU.
    This website is the project page for the 2015-2016 Clean Snowmobile Injector Team, working on their senior capstone project.

    We converted an 1100cc Suzuki snowmobile engine set up in our engine dynamometer, from an Arctic Cat XF1100, to run on compressed natural gas. The engine on the snowmobile previously ran rich at idle and lean at high RPMs.  Due to properties of the fuel injection, we hypothesize that three injectors will allow a practical flow of fuel over the RPM range. This problem was solved by designing and building an addition to the intake manifold, which houses the third injector.  We also developed an ECU software model that is compatible with the engine to better control the engine and enable our third injector design to work.

For a quick overview of the project, please visit our poster pageOpen House Poster

Infrastructure Project
The team worked with the Vehicle Dynamics group to build a solid-piped exhaust system for the dynamometer cell. We decided to build this because the exhaust hose being used was damaged to a point of replacement. The solid piping will allow for a longer-lasting alternative, and allows the exhaust system on the snowmobile to stay with the snowmobile. The old exhaust system can be seen in the bottom left of the photo below.