The United States and Canada have been great allies for over 70 years. Both countries share similar values and beliefs.  Most of the land on the US side is heavily dense with trees and aggressive terrain that would be too difficult to get any human driven vehicle through.  It would also take a great amount of time and resources to patrol the longest shared land border in the world with people when there could be a better solution. The United States needs a safe and cheap way to secure and monitor our northern border safely and with ease. We propose that a land drone should be used.  Our drone will allow a four wheeled system that will allow it to go over any terrain in its path. It will run off an Arduino GPS to get it to specific points of interest. The device will respond to any out of the ordinary situation.

    Knowing what it needs to do, our task was to create a limited prototype, autonomous land drone to compete against several other groups in a senior design competition in the spring. General parameters were set for each group to follow. For the competition, the vehicle had to follow a series of GPS coordinates as it traversed through the course. At each coordinate, an audible noise was made and captured by a sensor on the drone. The drone also had video recording capabilities. Once all the points were reached, it raced to the finish line in hopes to be first across.