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Georgia Performance Standards-Accelerated Mathematics 1

Welcome to an exciting academic year, 2008-2009!

This page is designed to help the feshmen at STEMS to be successful in the Accelerated mathematics course 1. This course integrates all disciplines of mathematics for the first time and is aimed at increasing the cognitive level of ALL students, thus enhancing students' career prospects.  

What are the students expected to do in a a mathematics classroom?

At all grades, the new GPS encourages students to reason mathematically, to evaluate mathematical arguments both formally and informally, to use the language of mathematics to communicate ideas and information precisely, and to make connections among mathematical topics and to other disciplines. Simply written, I would like my students to be mathematicians in the classroom striving to re discover and re invent the various mathematical concepts and formulas. Students will also be expected to work at home on a daily basis to keep up with the fast pace and to utilize the internet services at home or library to complete the very many projects that they might have during the course of the semester.