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                Welome to learning Geometry through observation and self discovery. Geometry is one of the oldest branches of mathematics that has been in existence  since ancient times.  Geometry provides  a way to link one's perceptions of the world with the mathematics and allows one to solve a variety of problems that will be encountered not only in other disciplines but also in daily lives. Geometry gives  a visual way to conceptualize or organize certain aspects of one's environment. The lessons provided here allows the reader to draw/ construct geometrical shapes (2 dimensional), make observations, make predictions and verify results pertaining to angles and sides of polygons. Students are encouraged to use any or all of the tools such as compass, straightedge, (tracing on) dot paper, geo-board, graphing calculator, and software programs like geometer’s sketchpad to obtain the required geometrical shape and make observations/ predictions based on the shapes.  A basic knowledge of geometrical terms and strong algebraic skills are necessary to be successful in making discoveries.