UMA Bangor Writing Center

Our Services

The Services of the UMA Bangor Writing Center are grounded in a process theory of writing. The writing process defines writing as a multi-stage process with identifiable steps: invention, drafting, revision, and editing. A process model of writing allows us  to talk with writers during each stage of their writing project. For example, in the early stages of the writing process, we would most likely discuss issues of focus, development of ideas, and the argument or thesis of the paper. Near the end of a writing project, we would focus on word choice, punctuation, structure, and other grammatical concerns. In addition, we provide accessible resources for our clients, including documentation guides, books, and handouts.

Our Philosophy

The UMA Bangor Writing Center strives to provide all members of the university community with effective writing assistance in a supportive learning environment. We offer free services to students, faculty, and staff. Our consultants provide all clients on campus with a forum for testing preliminary ideas before submitting their writing to their intended audiences. Our consultants are available to assist clients with any writing project and at any stage of the writing process. Our consultants engage clients in a one-on-one conversation in order to help writers understand the writing choices that they make and also the writing choices that are available to them.