Ultravisual Gang

ULTRAVISUAL GANG - creative project VJ Teknoir and VJ Violet (Belarus, Minsk).
Created in the depths of space to display in your minds the message of music.
VJs Ultravisual Gang - one of the most popular VJs on the best partys in style Dubstep, Techno, Drum and Bass, TRAP, Hip-Hop and other parties devoted to underground electronic music, on account many performances as on usual parties, and large raves. Were participants of such festivals, as Pirate Station APOCALYPSE, PIRATE STATION REVOLUTION, Global Gathering Freedom Festival, Nightmare Never Ends, DJ Battle of Belarus 2009-2010 , KOSMODROM, AUDIORAPE, FABRIQUE OF DUBSTEP, СЕТЬ, NEW YEAR RAVE , CYBER FEST, Open Air "Bunker", SUMMER JAM, Open Air "Our Space", The system of Electronic Madness, BASS HALLOWEEN, BAD DUBSTEP GIRLS, KOS.MOS.MUSIC NIGHT, Supreme Distortion, HYPE PARTY, Ambient Jungle Night, DRUM AND BASSLINES, TRANCE RAVEOLUTION and ect.
VJ - residents promo groups HAVE A NICE BEAT, ALEX MAD.
Have taken part on actions from leading promo-groups of Belarus: Have A Nice Beat, ALEX MAD, COLORS, RE:FRESH, MAD MOUSE PROMO, 12 ", Euthanasia, SOUND VISION, Artasm, Experimental Rave Association (E.R.A.) , SoulRed Records , Drum and Basslines , 4Live Promo, TOPDJ.BY, Jungletrain.net, Nightlab.by, PromoOne, G Promo, Electrokids, SOLDOUT ENTERTAINMENT, Jetsounds and ect.
Design, installation and performance of visuals for artists, music label, djs and events.
Create a video screensavers, manufactured on the basis 3D graphics, and animation,
As well as simple video screensavers, made on the basis 2D animation and video effects.
Video design logo and video screensavers for djs, musician, artists, music label, promo group, record label and event.
Desing of video for any event. Design of advertising video.
Interior video installation.
3D projection video mapping.
Video design, motion design, motion graphic, video graphic, video effects, video design logo.

Разработке дизайна, инсталляций и визуальных эффектов для артистов, музыкальных лейблов, ди-джеев и мероприятий.
Создание видео заставок, изготовленных на основе 3D графике и анимации, а так же несложных видео заставок, сделанных на основе 2D анимации и видео эффектах.
Дизайн видео заставок для диджеев, музыкантов, артистов, музыкальных лейблов, мероприятий, компании, фирмы.  Создание видео роликов для любого мероприятия. Создание рекламных видеороликов.
Интерьерные видеоинсталляции.
3D видео мэппинг.
Моушн-графика, моушн-дизайн, графический моушн-дизайн, видео дизайн.