Nested Button Bar Creator 2.00

This program will create Total Commander button bar files ( 2 up to 20). Each button bar will start with predefined number buttons which you will use to switch from button bar to another. The active button bar number will be pushed and colored by red to easily know what is the current button bar you are using.

Nested Button Bar Creator screen shoot

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How to use:

The program will create button bar files in the following three steps:

  • Step 1: Specify how many button bar you need ( 2 to 20).
  • Step 2: Specify where the button bar files will be saved.
  • Step 3: In this step you can import an already button bar file and assign its content to the button number you select.

After pressing Create button, the button bar files will be created inside the folder you specified in step 2 and a message box will popup to tell you how to apply.

Important Notes:

  • It is recommended to save the program folder "Nested bar creator" inside your Total Commander installation directory, in this case the %Commander_Path% environment variable will be used when refering to number icons and bar files.
  • It is recommended to save the bar files inside the default folder. ("Nested bar creator\bars") or any other folder inside your Total Commander installation directory.
  • You can use another icons instead of icons come with the program, but you must use save your icons inside the default folder ("Nested bar creator\icons") also you must use the default icon file name ("Dn_x.ico", "Up_x.ico").


Versions History:

Version 2.00 ------ 29 October, 2005

  • Increase maximum buttons to 20.
  • Russian.lng, Danish.lng, Deutsch.lng, French.lng, Romanian.lng and Arabic.lng added.
  • Readme_rus.htm and Readme_de.htm added.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.00 ------ 23 October, 2005

  • First release.

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