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Officers Mess, Caterham Hill going live Sep 23rd

Fast Fibre Hubs at Soper Hall on Oct 11th, at Meet Caterham Business event.


Extra Googe Juice Bar slots released Friday 30th Nov.

Google Juice Bar
Dec 7th in Soper Hall, Caterham. 

 28 Places available to book and going very fast!

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BT Infinity and Fibre to the Cabinet(FTTC) status in Caterham.

 BT and partner's "Superfast" broadband now available from 22 of the 27 street "Green Boxes". The service offers up to 76Mbits download and 19Mbits upload speeds.

Check BT's own web site and use your tel no and/or postcode to see if it is available to you. If the answer is no, do tell us, for we may be able to provide an alternative. info@fastfibrehubs.co.uk)

BT's  Caterham network is now complete. Our own map of locations and status is here based on local feedback.

Surrey are funding the completion of the network to all 27 Green Boxes. The most recent information we have seen suggests Dec 2014 for this 2nd phase locally.


Fast Fibre Hubs Ltd was formed as a company to provide fibre optic broadband and related services for enterprises. The company operates as a c0-operative and its two founders are Chris Windridge and Geoff Duck.

The company plans to install fibre internet connections to several existing shared business locations in Caterham and nearby places, to create a high speed and capacity network.

The first connection is being installed at The Officer's Mess, The Village, Caterham Hill, Surrey. It will be live by end of September 2013. Other locations are being sought, particularly in Caterham Valley. Please register with us if you are interested in services.

The second location we are currently planning is for a service to Caterham Valley Central area and are in discussion over a potential fibre network and hub there.

In each hub location there will be one or more users sharing the link capacity on a shared cost basis. Other buildings will be linked via fibre, where viable routes exist to connect them. The low cost of fibre makes this an attractive option to share the cost of a high capacity and high speed fibre network. Support is anticipated from a wide spectrum of users and owners of commercial, public sector, residential and leisure facilities to help link parts of the area with fibre or other methods.

We intend to pilot a low cost but high performance wi-fi service, hosted from the hub points and also using the network's capacity and speed. Variants of this allow remote use over significant distances. As use builds we can scale the hub's capacity over the fibre network. This should enable connections to pockets of users where an actual fibre link is difficult to route to the remote place. It is a technology in use in several rural areas and proved to be reliable and cost effective. We will also review how to create roaming capability locally, whether in partnership with existing hot spot providers, or as an additional service across the area. Our Hills and Valleys are both an opportunity and a challange in this respect.

We secured funding from Coast to Capital ( Local Enterprise Partnership) , via a scheme called the Growing Places Fund. The project was announced as 0ne of 5 projects to be funded in their first funding round last year and led to the company being formed
on 12th November 2012.

Fast Fibre Hubs Ltd itself is a Co-operative company. Our aim is to share the benefit locally, while keeping costs affordable and helping to provide enhanced services to local business, plus attract digitally based new technology start ups to the area.

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Sep 23rd  2013    Officers Mess, Caterham Hill to go live with initial Fast Fibre Hubs  link.
The link will support 15Mbps speeds initially for both upload and download speed, over a business grade link providing 24/7 service levels. Services will include Internet and VOIP. It will also enable a pilot local Fixed Wi-fi service to be tested. As load builds the circuit will be upgraded to higher speeds

Sep 23rd 2013     Meet Caterham Business  on Oct 11th at Soper Hall, Caterham Valley.
Meet Caterham Business show.Fast Fibre Hubs will be presenting details on local plans and initial experience at Officer's Mess. The Soper Hall is a potential location for a second hub and for an extended local fibre network in the Valley.

August 2013    BT completes the initial Green Box ( FTTC) roll out to 22 of the local 27 street cabinets
The last few boxes in Caterham Valey were connected in Harestone Valley ( Soper Hall), Tupwood Lane and Timber Hill Rd. The fibre network allows speeds of up to 76Mbps download and 19Mbps upload to be provided to residential and business users, depending on distance from the cabinets and overal load. The link from the cabinets to premises remains copper, which slows signals over distance.

The five cabinets not upgraded to FTTC by BT will be included within Surrey County Council's "Superfast" project. These remaining local cabinets are listed as Dec 2014 for availability of a FTTC service.

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Nov 19th 2012   
Google Juice bar in Caterham, thanks to Sam Gyimah
Our MP Sam Gyimah has secured a Google Juice Bar event, which we will help organise and promote in Caterham. ( Free coaching sessions on Google products as part of their programme to help British Business take advantage of the internet) http://www.samgyimah.com/news/blog/google-comes-to-caterham/263

 It will be held at Soper Hall, in Harestone Valley Road between 10.00am and 3.00pm, on Dec 7th. It is particularly aimed at start ups and small business. We will be taking advantage of that ourselves and encourage you to as well. Book via the Google link here. Slots get booked very quickly so please act now.

Nov 22nd 2012    Surrey Superfast
Surrey's superfast project announced it has cleared the last EU hurdle. This will lead to a project to instal "Superfast Broadband" throughout Surrey over the next few years. We welcome this proposal, which will extend what BT already proposes, to more rural and less densely populated parts of Surrey. This will provide a speed increase of up to 5 times, vs today's service , according to their web sites. This will help many smaller towns, villages and rural communities. More from them at http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/business-and-consumers/superfast-broadband-in-surrey

Nov 26th 2012     Fast Fibre Hubs
Fast Fibre Hubs Ltd announces it will help fund the Google event in Caterham at Soper Hall and is open for registrations of interest for "Ultra" Fast Fibre Broadband services from early 2013 too. It plans the highest levels of speed through an all fibre hub network and a variety of ways to connect local enterprises and home workers to this network, including fibre. microwave and Wi-Fi locally. Our objective is to offer services that are significantly faster than BT or Surrey's service, or new mobile services using G4 Mobile technology from EE or other suppliers from spring 2013.

Nov 30th 2012      BT Infinity and Fibre to the Cabinet(FTTC) rolls out in Caterham. 
First customers being approached now, with offers of BT and partner's "Superfast" broadband. The service offers up to 76Mbits download and 19Mbits upload speeds.

As the Caterham network is fuly completed, about 90% of the town will get this upgrade. We will publish a map shortly of areas covered and where there are gaps we are seeking info on plans from BT or Surrey to provide services.

BT's own programme, is based on upgrading the exchange and what are known as the "Green Boxes" on local streets. As these  Green Boxes are commissioned the service will be available to be ordered for business and residential subscribers. The BT web site suggests upgrades will then take around 5 business days from order from users. The best estimate of date for service remains Dec 31st ( Lets say early Jan)  This is the same type of technology as Surrey will now install elsewhere and is badged as "Superfast"

Digital Caterham
Our sister site Digital Caterham, will cover news, links and articles on the overall topic of Digital services and interest areas locally. It is similar to other "Digital" groups that have been formed elsewhere and originated with a group called Digital Surrey, formed by Abigail Harrison and a small group of people a couple of years ago.

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Link coming soon 

Digital Caterham for news and events about BT, Surrey Superfast, Mobile. Link via Next button next theme