AniDB FIleManager 

 A file manager designed specifically for anime, using as a data source.

 This page most likely wont show much until sometime in December.   I've added a screen shot for now so you can get an idea about what it does.

What does it do so far:

  • Add files - storing info from anidb to a local database
  • When a file is added, it will automatically add it's Anime name to the left list if it isn't present.
  • Episode list is grouped by Episodes, Opening, Closing, Trailer, and Specials
  • Under anime image is a bar showing the episodes you have out of the total
    • This is basically identical to how anidb lists which files you have from a group in relation to how many they have released  (blue and green bar)
  • Automatically fetches image from anidb, if it exists.
    • Will have option to use your own image, and options for setting image size

What doesn't it do yet, out of the things you have planned?

  • Unable to rename
  •  Unable to organize files ( aka, put all files from the same series into the same folder)
  • Filesystem watcher is not implemented yet ( New selection unfunctional)
  • Unwatched selection not implemented
  • Automatically add anime title to anime list after file is added to database (Currently I use a refresh button)
  • Settings not implemented
  • Search not implemented
  • Probably other things


Eventually I'll try to make this site more professional looking (I'd rather put my effort into the client for now then the site.)

Why am I making this?  I have anime across many harddrives, so I wanted a means to access them in a central location.  Early on I just had a simple explorer clone program, but upon reading up on the anidb api, i decided to create something a little more interesting.  This program will ultimately allow me to have my anime automatically organized, renamed, marked as unwatched but on HDD, marked as watched when I watch it through the program, and probably more as I tend to enjoy adding features.