The Ultimo Puzzle is no longer using this form. Please click here to go to the appropriate board at the forums. 

Job offerings at the Ultimo Puzzle project 

 The Ultimo Puzzle is currently looking fo capable coders, moderators and graphics designers to do full or part-time work on the forum and blog. Do you have what it takes? Do you know someone who might be willing to work with us? If so, fill out the survey below and email it to "ultimopuzzle AT gmail DOT com". 


User Name:Enter your Username at the Ultimo Puzzle Forums.


Age: 13 or younger need not apply.

Years at ProBoards:How many years ago did you join a proboards?


 Years coding/doing gfx/moderating: (specify) 


Gender:  Optional


Desired Postion: Write the position(s) you are applying for. Coders work on maintaining the codes of all parts of the Ultimo Project. Graphics Designers work on the design of the parts of the Ultimo Project. General Mods and Mods do moderation. Writers help when announcements/rules need to be written, etc.

Experience in the Following

(Use percentage, 0 - 100%)


GFX Designing:




Prior Experience:List any experience you have had as staff on other forums.

About You: Tell us about yourself, including why you are applying. Are you reliable? passionate?


What codes do you know? Which scripting/programming codes do you know, if any?


How did you find out about the project and the job offerings?