Consulting and coaching for sales leaders

  • wanting to address Challenges:

Sustainability of top line growth
● Acceleration of top line growth
● Misalignment between sales- and corporate strategies
● Unsatisfactory “Lead to Close” ratios
● Insufficient numbers of deals at top end of funnel
● Maximizing net new revenue from existing customers
● Biased forecasts leading to:
   □ unacceptable inventories or
   □ delivery constraints
● Poor predictability of future evolution of top line
● Insufficient margin levels

  • by shifting the performance curve of their organization through Initiatives

To design “Go to Market” strategies
● To enhance skills of managers and individual contributors
● To design/ optimize and implement/reinforce:
    □ Sales processes

□ Sales Management Systems
    □ Forecasting procedures    

  • Implemented with
A business transformation approach

  • In a scalable way through

● Blending e-Learning and “face to face”  workshops

● “Train the Trainer” concepts

Site Meter

Lack of collaboration between  Field Sales and:
           □ Marketing
   □ Pre-Sales Consultants
   □ Professional Services
   □ Customer Service
   □ Inside Sales
   □ Alliance and Channel Partners

● Low adoption rate of
   □ CRM system usage
   □ Processes and methods

● Skill gaps
   □ e.g.  sales people in gaining access to executives
   □ e.g. sales managers coaching their teams


     □ Pipeline Management

     □ Account Management
     □ Opportunity Management
     □ Alliance and Channel Management
     □ Joint Campaign Management