New Mods

CW 52

SATURDAY, 26.12.

LordTerror's Difficulty Tweaks v1.0
This mod replaces the original 4 difficulties with 4 improved ones. I created this mod because the hardest difficulty in the vanilla game (VHHC) is too easy for most people and FAR too easy for experienced gamers.

FRIDAY, 25.12.

[Monster] Goblin Predator
Adds the Goblin Predator spawnclass to the game. (an rare Goblin Predator Elite)

THURSDAY, 24.12.

[MOD][MAP] Seromsoeg's Maze Update v1.2
This is an map that is an idea in progress. The map is made up of a large number of 7x7 chunks, that use 'Group weight' option to create a large number of chunk variations.

[MONSTERS] Champions Mod
More different random champions, new bonuses etc, check the thread.

no knockback on items
I decided to make a small mod that sets +knockback to 0 on all items.


Fackelschein 2.0 - Torchlight in Deutsch - Version 0.1
Das warten auf eine deutsche Übersetzung von Torchlight hat ein Ende, denn jetzt geht es endlich weiter mit Fackelschein 2.0.

Traducción al español de Torchlight
Spanish translation of Torchlight.

Ravenous Ratlin
Adds the Ravenous Ratlin spawnclass to the game.

TUESDAY, 22.12.

Underground Temple V1
Recently an ancient temple was found in a nearly discovered cave. Many adventures have ventured there, few have return. Dungeon + Map chunks + new enemies...

Life Increaser Potion V1.0 (exchange for statpoint)
With these new potions you can increase your health or mana in exchange of your statpoints!

MONDAY, 21.12.

[Weapon set] Ebony and Ivory
This weapon set consists of 2 pistols, Ebony and Ivory, which should be well known to anyone who has ever played Devil May Cry.

CW 51

SUNDAY, 20.11.

freddy's gem mod
This mod tries at balancing the rarity, affixes, prices, level requirements and possibly everything related to gems.

[UI] Larger Comparison Tooltip
For now, it is what it is, a size increase for the comparison tooltip.

[PET] Shadows by AdAstra
Adds new skill `Demonology`, which allows you to summon various pets.

FRIDAY, 18.12.

[PET] Orphan Age: Porridgens
Two new creatures for your pet to become, and each comes with a new ability!

Tired of your golem's incessant, LOUD footsteps?
Important note: Your golem won't have ANY sound when it walks/runs around if you use this mod.

THURSDAY, 17.12.

KelinTor's Mercenary Company V1.0
This mod gives the opportunity for those who feel lonely to hire mercenaries alongside your beloved pet.

TUESDAY, 15.12.

New Black Widow Spawnclass - with new skin
Adds the black widow spawnclass to the game, using the new black widow spider skin.

[Item] Town Warp Scroll
This Scroll replace the normal Town Portal Scroll, with an Town Warp Scroll.

MONDAY, 14.12.

Get the Hell outta here! - Instant Town-Port
Port you instantly to Town. A Town Portal to the place where you use this Scroll was created, so you can come back. Attention: You lose permanent between 10 and 100 HP!

[WEAPON SET] Gordon Freeman's Regalia
My second attempt at a weapon/armor mod. These items are based off of Gordon Freeman's gear from the half life series.

Yirkon's Palace - Alpha 1A
The Elemental Lord Yirkon is becoming stronger, are you brave enough to rid the lands of his Evil. Only the bravest can venture into his palace and finally his sanctuary to destroy Yirkon.

CW 50

SUNDAY, 13.12.

[WEAPON SET] Aphrodite's Will and Hephaestus' Hand
It's a set named "The God's Favor", consisting of Aphrodite's Will, a pistol, and Hephaestus' Hand, a mace.

SATURDAY, 12.12.

No Helms - a MESH based more compatible take
I opened up all the .MESH files and replaced the helmet and face submeshes used by each armor set with their helmetless equivalents.

[WEAPON SET] Ares & Athena / Minerva, Dual Pistols
These pistols will be a set-item more than a unique type, meaning collecting both will be essential if you want them to be considered "useful".

[NPC]Picardo, the Town Healer
Picardo is a new visitor to Torchlight, he is programmed to provide FREE healing and not profit from his medical talents.

FRIDAY, 11.12.

[NEW CLASS]Nether Mage - Fully playable! [WIP]
A class with diverse skills designed scale well into late game and to allow for many different builds and reward clever tactical play

[NEW CLASS] Valkyrie is now playable, still WIP though
Here's my take on a female Paladin-type class. I have unique skills in mind, but right now I just included placeholder skills

[WEAPON] Warcraft Battle Axe with 13 Skins and Icons
I made this model way back for warcraft 3 editor based off Blizzards Art Tools

THURSDAY, 10.12.

[WEAPON SET] 4 random WoW weapons.
Adds Wow weapons: Cyclon Bow, Bone Rifle, Burning Axe, Myst Staff.

[WEAPON] Black Iron Crow, Vanquisher's New Rifle!
This Rifle is designed to be like an automatic rifle, therefore it has a very fast attack speed while at the same time the rifle's overall power is considerably dropped


[ALCHEMIST] Casting Skill % DMG MOD
A simple mod that add or increase weapon damage on skills like Ember Lighting/Lance/Strike and so on...

MONDAY, 07.12.

Alternative Beginnings v1
This mod offers several alternative starts. Each mini mod is a different set up for the starting class, based on where they spent their initial skill point.

CW 49

SUNDAY, 06.12.

TSSkillsTweak v1
This mod aims to correct a few of what the author feels are inconsistencies in skills, in Torchlight. Most notable the fact that many of the skills in the Rogue tree have aboslutely nonsensical stat affiliations.

InDarkness Mod (more Diablo like)
As i didn't like graphics style of original one i've decided to create my own look of the game.

Here is the Portuguese Translation for Torchlight. Some things couldn't be translated...

Removed loot borders, Removed all of the small buttons surrounding the health and mana bars,Removed almost all of the art surrounding the hotkey buttons...

SATURDAY, 05.12.

Brown Dirt Mines
This is a simple recolor of the Mines.

Classcreate mini-mod
All I did was fix the login screen so that you may choose any class and there are no problems between mods. (Stealth Assassin, Shaman, Airbender, Sorceress (unfinished), Fury, and Necromancer for now)

Potion Expansion v1
Adds a few new potions with spell-like abilities to the game.

[NEW CLASS] Stealth Assassin is playable.
New Class I am working on. Still looking for help regarding the model and some skills.

FRIDAY, 04.12.

[NEW CLASS] Airbender v1.0 - Fully playable now
The Airbender manipulates ember dormant in the air, creating force fields to attack, deflect, and defend.

[NEW CLASS] Fury - uses Ranged Weapons and Psionics
Here is my attempt to make a better ranged class. It is based heavily on the Vanquisher, but I've changed the skills quite a bit


Moog the Enchanter
The mod adds a new quest NPC for Shadow Vault dungeon. As a reward player gets exp/fame and an access to one free enchantment.

[SET] Prism Equipment v0.9 BETA

Adds a new elemental themed set to the game, and (eventually) a series of repeatable quests to get them as a reward.

[WEAPON] Tesla Trooper's Rifle
Inspired by the Command and Conquer Red Alert Series, this weapon is loosely based off the Tesla Trooper's (or Shock Trooper's) weapon.

Vanq melee skills - Combo Points Demo (v0.2)
the Vanquisher's Rogue tree doesn't really reward or encourage melee weapon use at all, so I edited a few new skills in that should be at least vaguely interesting.


Forgotten Fortress of Rukom
The pack consist of 5 new chunks that will match the existing fortress chunks. They should come into play during random dungeons and in a map containing only these chunks.

TUESDAY, 01.12.

Of The Deep
"Of the Deep" only adds in 4 affixes to the game. all of them add fishing luck.

Mine Booster Pack 1.0

A Booster Pack for the 'Mine' tileset. Contains 1 map for each of the following areas

MONDAY, 30.11.

TorchLight UI Spanish Translation
We have translated 90% of the UI (User Interface) into Spanish. Traducción del 90% de la interface a Español.

[ALCHEMIST] Ember Lightning multi-chaining
Ever thought "I like Ember Lightning, I just wish it chained more than once."? Then this mod is for you.

Heron's Sword Pack

Consists of 4 two piece sets and 2 unique weapons made by Heron.

CW 48

SUNDAY, 29.11.

TripleMain by AdAstra
Adds two clones of Main dungeon: Nightmare -> +30 levels of Main dungeon monsters. Hell -> +60 levels of Main dungeon monsters.

Shadow Vault Elevator

Adds a vendor to the SW corner of the Shadow Vault cemetery. He sells maps which will teleport you to a specific floor of the SV- level. Also changes the SV so that the level of the monsters will always equal the floor number.

Gold Sharing Service
this mod allows you to share your gold between chars

Passive Skills

I increased and added bonuses to the passive skills.

Titan Quest Staffs
This mod Increases the Striking Range of staffs, with some fun surprises.

SATURDAY, 28.11.

Baklah's Finest Gear
Another mod for merchant collectors, who sells enchanted, rare and sometimes unique items.

[WEAPONS] 4 new items from the land Korum
This mod contains 5 items from a bigger mod/conversion I am think about doing.

Healthy Pet Mod: FIX

The healthy pet mod doesnt seem to work. I was asked to fix the issue, and here it is.

Two-Hand Enchanter

Makes enchants on two-handed weapons 60% stronger.

Jetlaw's Stat Pot Mod
This adds a 9 new potions to the game that drop throughout all dungeons and on all levels at a balanced rate for normal gameplay, permanently increasing stats.

Summon Godzilla skill
This mod introduces a new skill: Summon Godzilla, with 6 ranks.

Summon Spiders skill
This mod introduces a new skill, Summon Spiders, which calls in a pack of baby spiders to attack your foes.

[Weapon] Azure SongBlade
A one-handed sword remodeled from World of Warcraft.

FRIDAY, 27.11.

Ice Blue UI Reskin V 1.0
Tried to make the UI feel a bit more modern, and just tried to make it look like a good replacement for the current one.

[DESTROYER] Seismic Burst scaling
I decided that seismic burst could use some weapon dps scaling so that it remains useful at higher lvls

Merchant Tweak
This mod is designed to be used with the several existing merchant mods, like the Gem Merchant, Spell Dealer, Fishmonger & Cartographer.

[DESTROYER] {WIP} Skill revamp
There is a new polearm mastery skill in the titan tree that replaces the ranged weapon mastery skill.

Better Random Quest Rewards (numbers)
Adds better Fame, Experience, and Gold rewards for random quests.

Unlimited Item Tiers
I figured it would be pretty straightforward to whip up something which can generate new tiers on and on ad infinitum.

No Helmet v3.14
This disables rendering of helmets. It works for all three classes. Have fun.

Shadow Armor block duration fix
Changes the duration of the block percentage buff on Shadow Armor to match the listed duration of the skill.

[ALCHEMIST]Homunculus_set.SKELETON error.
I might be fixing something purely aesthetic here, or something not meant to be fixed... or even something that needs to be fixed.

THURSDAY, 26.11.

Knee Deep in Blood by AdAstra
Very quick mod, changing the amount of blood splatter and the time it stays before it disappears.

This is a simple mod that add 6 Experience potions and a new NPC-Merchant where you can bough those Xp-potions.

Change my name presents: Change my Fish!
Change my Fish triples, maybe even quadruples the base number of pet transformations and adds classes and skills to each transformation, accordingly.

White Horse Mod vO.1
This is my first mod, its a pet mod with transform fish. Has only one horse skill right now, so its for fun only until I change that.

[VANQUISHER] Invisible Vanquisher Armor
A simple mod that replaces all of the armor models with that of the default character model.

Aegis Maps
5 new Crypt chunks for the regular circulation + new dungeon.

Torchlight Variety
This tool selects loadingscreen, font and music randomly at start.

[WEAPON] Bloodlord
Another sword remodeled after World of Warcraft.

[WEAPON] Brute Blade
A one-handed sword remodeled from World of Warcraft.


[WEAPON] Defender
This adds the rare sword, Defender, to your arsenal. Comes in three flavors: Gold, Blue, and Red for level 13-50.

Class Creator
Basically (to begin with) it's an easy way to manage which classes you have installed.

[NEW CLASS] Assassin
I took skills from each of the three current classes and made what is essentially a hybrid melee class

Crypt Arena .01b
The whole idea of this map is to give a bit of a challenge to the late gamers.

[VANQUISHER] Arrow Hail Fix.
The mod edits Arrow Hail to scale better with Agility and to Scale with weapon damage.

[Weapon] Savagery Sword
A sword remodeled after World of Warcraft.

TUESDAY, 24.11.

Custom Class Item Fixer v1
This tool will automatically edit any number of item DAT files to include your class, in order to have things like armour displaying correctly on your class' mesh.

[Weapon] Cyclone Blade
This is my first mod for TL and it's the first sword mod I did for fate in 2005!

Mods for the Indecisive
These mods will help anyone that has serious trouble playing the game, due to difficulty problems.

[VANQUISHER]Armor Recolor: Vanquisher set 01
Simple recoloring of all the Vanquisher armor if you want to change things up a little...

MONDAY, 23.11.

the hardest mode ever
This mod is for people who think mods and enchanted items are cheating.Only white loot. No Enchanting. Level Cap 50.

CW 47

SUNDAY, 22.11.

Recipes Deluxe!
It adds new recipes for use at the Transmutation. Better and hidden spell scrolls + recycling recipes for items.

Better Random Quest Rewards
This mod improves the quality of items received as random quest rewards by forcing them to be either Rare or Unique items.

[NEW CLASS] WoW Shaman
Shamans are masters of the elements, using spells and totems that enhance their abilities in battle while unleashing the fury of the elements upon their foes.

MainXDouble by AdAstra
Doubles the levels of all the monsters in Main dungeon. Check thread for more information.

[ALCHEMIST] Alchemist Green
Tired of looking at a purple Alchemist? I sure was, so I replaced 99.9% of the purple in the armor with Green.

Force Enchant - No Whites
This mod just adds the "BOOL:FORCEENCHANT=true" line to all of the weapon and armor spawnclasses. This Mod shouldnt conflict with other mods.

Hero Maps,Nightmare Maps,Dragon Cave!
I have brought some really funny dungeon map scrolls for you!There are 2 series (a total of 15 special and challenging maps) of maps added to Torchlight in this MOD

SATURDAY, 21.11.

More Gem Types -v1.0 WOOT!
Adds a couple of additional gem types with some previously lacking abilites in socketables.

[ALCHEMIST] Ice Shock, Ember Lance, Pyre scaling improvement
This mod improves the Alchemist's Ice Shock, Pyre, and Ember Lance skills for improved scaling and functionality.

Spells from scrolls -v0.9
Now you can cast certain spells directly from scrolls without learning them first.

Time Released Enemies Challenge - Attack Gorilla
This Map releases an endless number of monsters based on logic timers (the monsters' levels slowly increment with time as well)

Bigger Potions
This mod adds potions of the following designations, each one step larger than the previous: Hyper, Potent, Huge, Massive.

Gale's Gem Overhaul v1
This disabled old gems completely and introduces new Prefixes/Suffixes for Chaos Gems, which are now named just Gem.

[WEAPON] IceBreaker
My first attempt at a new weapon for Torchlight. Enjoy!

FRIDAY, 20.11.

[ALCHEMIST] Arcus' Nether Imp Tweak
This mod increases the amount of imps you summon per corpse in higher levels of the Nether Imp skill.

Fáklyafény - Hungarian UI mod

Hungarian UI mod for v1.12

[NEW CLASS] Sorceress [Beta v0.1]
Adds a new class the sorceress to the game.

[ALCHEMIST]Ember Array (Ember Sentry Tweak/Buff)
This is a mod that replaces the Ember Sentry skill with "Ember Array", which is five weaker but armor-ignoring and not 100% fire damage Ember Sentries.

Customize Input (UPDATE: v0.2)
I made a better input management for Torchlight.

[VANQUISHER] Re-Balanced Marksmen
This mod focusses on the entire marksmen tree in an effort to bring these skills in line with other classes.

[PET]Irrelevant Industries presents the Pet Tunnel Spider.
Straight from the sunken ruins (or where ever they spawn) I am glad to present the the Pet Tunnel Spider.

THURSDAY, 19.11.

Gold Potion
Adds a Gold Potion to the General Merchant. It has a random +Gold Drop boost ranging from 50 to 150.

Very Fishy (v1) - New statboost fish, keep your perm pet!

This mod changes the fish, it's a fishy total conversion, so to speak.Fish doesnt transmute your pet anymore, but gives him a Stat boost instead.

[VANQUISHER] Poison Bomb
Adds a poison-flavored explosive to the Vanquishers Arbiter tree.

2Hander Glory (2H dual wield edit)
This is essentially the same as the 2H dual wield already published but without a second set of polearms designed for dual wielding.

Ultimate Zookeeper mod
Anyone wanting to watch their wall of minions tear maps up and tossing a few spells here? Not balanced in any way and I dont care. Minionsssss.


RuneMod 1.0
This is a mod that introduces Glyphs, items that function like Runes in D2.

Hunter and Tanker (First time mod, just so you know)
I made two classes for kicks, didn't check if it's well balanced and felt like sharing them.

[WEAPON]Havelock Blade
Adds two new swords to the game, the Havelock Blade and the Epic Havelock Blade.

Gaspar the Cartographer (map merchant)
This is a merchant who hangs out by the shared stash and sells nothing but portal maps.

Awful Arthur the Fishmonger
This is Arthur. Arthur sells fish. Arthur likes to hang out in front of the fishing hole.

This mod adds the Bash ability to the Rogue tree for the Vanquisher, which is very similar to the Destroyer's Slash skill.

[QUEST]Starch the Monster Hunter
This mod adds Starch, a monster hunter to the group of questgivers outside the Shadow Vault.

TUESDAY, 17.11.

Monsterous Appetite
Two items to the game which have a 5% chance to appear in lieu of a potion drop(One raises HP by 10 points the other raises MP by 1 point)

MONDAY, 16.11.

[WEAPON] Callahan's Magnum
I had an idea for a interesting new gun, giving Boni to Gold Find, Magic Find, Fishing Luck, Experience Gain and Fame Gain

Filtered Loot
This filters all thrash items from dropping, preventing mass clutter on screen, making it easier to pick items and gives better overall frame rates

Straight HP curve for Hard *experimental*
This mod changes the enemy HP curve into a straight line (+72 per level) while keeping level the 30 value almost the same.

Shocking - Ember Lightning mod
[ALCHEMIST]Here's a small mod that fixes the bug with Ember Lightning

Inventory mod 0.9
The "Inventory mod" changes UnitType of scrolls and potions and move them to Spells tab, fish potions are moved to Fishes tab.

Feats of Strength
Your character gets into a tournament, or an arena, and there you fight waves of monsters and then you can see how far you can get.

Balanced Destroyer Skills Duration
Inspired by Rage's "Destroyer Longer Skills Duration" mod, but aims to take a more balanced approach to increasing the duration of the Destroyer's skills

SV+, the Shadow Vault now has bosses and warps
This mod adds story boss floors to the SV's random level generator. About every 1/3 floors you'll run into a boss from the story leveled to match the floor they're on

Explosive Shot Muffle
Changes the sound for when Explosive Shot hits so its not quite as loud and annoying

Persistent Skeletons
This is a simple mod that removes the summon timer on all Summon Skeleton/Blood Skeletons.

New Boss Levels
This mod adds 3 very basic new levels to the story dungeon. Each floor contains some challenging bosses.

[SET] Taboo's Metallurgy
I've created an armor set for the alchemist and the set requirements are between lvl's 39-45.

Mysterious Ember Stone
The transmute NPC will transmute a unique item and a mysterious emberstone and return a random unique.