Complete Mod List


Mod Packs

Classcreate mini-mod
All I did was fix the login screen so that you may choose any class and there are no problems between mods. (Stealth Assassin, Shaman, Airbender, Sorceress (unfinished), Fury, and Necromancer for now)

Heron's Sword Pack
Consists of 4 two piece sets and 2 unique weapons made by Heron.

SiN MOD PACK v1.01
For those who like challenge in action RPG of Torchlight. Even the skills are tweaked, you'll get dead in an instant.

Unaltered Gameplay
Collection of mods which doesn't alter the gameplay, only improve the UI or fix bugs.


Useful External Programs

Class Creator
Basically (to begin with) it's an easy way to manage which classes you have installed.

Custom Class Item Fixer v1
This tool will automatically edit any number of item DAT files to include your class, in order to have things like armour displaying correctly on your class' mesh.

Customize Input (UPDATE: v0.2)
I made a better input management for Torchlight.

TorchCam v0.5b for TL v1.12b!
TorchCam is a stand alone tool to enhance your view possibilites in Torchlight's game world and can change your game experience and playstyle.

TorchKit is a settings editor that also allows you to rebind keys.

TorchLeech - WoWMatrix clone for Torchlight
The main goal is to provide simple de-/install and update of mods for your Torchlight installation just by one click.

Torchlight Settings Editor
This application will backup and allow you to easily change your key map, I will expand future versions to manipulate the other settings.


General Gameplay

4 small mods
More gems to buy, buff for alchemist golem, more disenchants, changes some summoner stuff.

Better Random Quest Rewards
This mod improves the quality of items received as random quest rewards by forcing them to be either Rare or Unique items.

Better Random Quest Rewards (numbers)
Adds better Fame, Experience, and Gold rewards for random quests.

Faster Walking
A mod to increase the movement speed of the player. You can choose between increasing the movement speed by half, and doubling the movement speed.

Filtered Loot
This filters all trash items from dropping, preventing mass clutter on screen, making it easier to pick items and gives better overall frame rates.

Force Enchant - No Whites
This mod just adds the "BOOL:FORCEENCHANT=true" line to all of the weapon and armor spawnclasses. This Mod shouldnt conflict with other mods.

I Am Death Incarnate by AdAstra
Difficulty mod, which changes 'Easy' and 'Normal' difficulties to 'Nightmare' and 'Insane'.

Life leech effects on skills
I made here a mod to make all class spells use your life leech effects!

Spells from scrolls -v0.9
Now you can cast certain spells directly from scrolls without learning them first.

the hardest mode ever
This mod is for people who think mods and enchanted items are cheating.No Whites. No Enchanting. Level Cap 50.

LVL/skill mod
Raise max lvl to 999, fame to 200 & skills 20.

MainXDouble by AdAstra
Doubles the levels of all the monsters in Main dungeon. Check thread for more information.

Flaming Phoenix's Mods
These mods will help anyone that has serious trouble playing the game, due to difficulty problems.

Monsters only drop Unique + 100% success enchant [v1.12]
This mod will cause ALL monsters / chests to drop items that are ONLY unique, set, green.

NoConvertProcs - Removes conversion procs
Regarding bonuses that give X chance to turn monsters to your side for Y seconds: I went through and modified them so that the items provide a 0% chance to convert them.

No more white Drops!
This mod makes white drops the most rare you can get. Green, yellow and pink still quite uncommon, green being the most common of the 4. No disenchant.

Passive Skills
I increased and added bonuses to the passive skills.

Pikachu Mod 1.4 Updated for Torchlight 1.0
First of all, this mod is for those who are bored with the grinding and want to level up slightly or quite fast!

Pikachu Mod 1.6 Updated for Torchlight 1.2
First of all, this mod is for those who are bored with the grinding and want to level up slightly or quite fast!

SkillsLeech(HP and MP leech with skills)
This mod adds HP and MP leech to skills(if you have this effect on your items).

Straight HP curve for Hard *EXPERIMENTAL*
This mod changes the enemy HP curve into a straight line (+72 per level) while keeping level the 30 value almost the same.

TripleMain by AdAstra
Adds two clones of Main dungeon: Nightmare -> +30 levels of Main dungeon monsters. Hell -> +60 levels of Main dungeon monsters.

Two-Hand Enchanter
Makes enchants on two-handed weapons 60% stronger.

Makes enchanted items more noticable, very high chance of enchanting your items, smaller border for item drops.


Player Characters, Pet changes

[ALL CLASSES] Early Advanced Casting
The Advanced Casting skill for ALL characters has been moved to the first tier in the skill tree to help characters with early Out-Of-Mana problems.

[ALL CLASSES] Stop All Skills: The Skill!
Stop All Skills adds a skill to all characters (new and existing) which deactivates all buffs/auras/minions with one click.

[ALL CLASSES] TSSkillsTweak v1
This mod aims to correct a few of what the author feels are inconsistencies in skills, in Torchlight. Most notable the fact that many of the skills in the Rogue tree have aboslutely nonsensical stat affiliations.

[ALCHEMIST] Alchemic/Beam Golem revamp mod
Here's a simple mod that revamps the alchemist Golem & Beam Golem. I did a minor fun tweak on their skills.

[ALCHEMIST] AlchDuration+v2
I decided to mod the durations on Thorned Minions and Burning Bind.

[ALCHEMIST] Alchemist Green
Tired of looking at a purple Alchemist? I sure was, so I replaced 99.9% of the purple in the armor with Green.

[ALCHEMIST] Arcus' Nether Imp Tweak
This mod increases the amount of imps you summon per corpse in higher levels of the Nether Imp skill.

[ALCHEMIST] Ember Array (Ember Sentry Tweak/Buff)
This is a mod that replaces the Ember Sentry skill with "Ember Array", which is five weaker but armor-ignoring and not 100% fire damage Ember Sentries.

[ALCHEMIST] Ember Lightning multi-chaining
Ever thought "I like Ember Lightning, I just wish it chained more than once."? Then this mod is for you.

[ALCHEMIST] Homunculus_set.SKELETON error.
I might be fixing something purely aesthetic here, or something not meant to be fixed... or even something that needs to be fixed.

[ALCHEMIST] Ice Shock, Ember Lance, Pyre scaling improvement
This mod improves the Alchemist's Ice Shock, Pyre, and Ember Lance skills for improved scaling and functionality.

[ALCHEMIST] Melee - ember shock/ember shield mod
The Melee alchemist mod changes the Ember Shock skill, so now it hit very fast (increase the speed to start from 1.1 to 2.6) making it a very useful skill + other changes.

[ALCHEMIST] Necromancy tweaks
This mod makes summoning a bit more fun, but still very balanced.

[ALCHEMIST] Persistent Skeletons
This is a simple mod that removes the summon timer on all Summon Skeleton/Blood Skeletons.

[ALCHEMIST] Revamped Battle Tree v0.1
This mod aims to eventually do a near complete revamp of the Alchemist's Battle tree, making it much more viable for late game content.

[ALCHEMIST] Shocking - Ember Lightning mod
Here's a small mod that fixes the bug with Ember Lightning.

[ALCHEMIST] Skill Replacement: Ocular Golems
I have replaced Nether Imps with Ocular Golems. Major Update: The new Version will now summon the correct number of golems at the correct skill level.

[ALCHEMIST] SummonIT v1.0
A little modification for the Alchemists summoning tree.

[ALCHEMIST] Tinkertoy Golems
This skill replaces the Alchemical Golem with a group of smaller, weaker golems. They gradually improve in damage and health as they are upgraded.

[ALCHEMIST] Ultimate Zookeeper mod
Anyone wanting to watch their wall of minions tear maps up and tossing a few spells here? Not balanced in any way and I dont care. Minionsssss.

[ALCHEMIST + DESTROYER] Embershield & Frostshield low brightness
This mod will drastically reduce the Spectral Shield brightness for the Alchemist's Embershield and the Frostshield for the warrior.

[ALCHEMIST + DESTROYER] Skill Duration: Power Hour
This makes a few Alchemist & Destroyer short-term skills last one hour, at the cost of 1 mana per second each.

[DESTROYER] Balanced Destroyer Skills Duration
Inspired by Rage's "Destroyer Longer Skills Duration" mod, but aims to take a more balanced approach to increasing the duration of the Destroyer's skills.

[DESTROYER] Frost Shield Glow Remover
No huge bright glowing sphere of the Destroyer's Frost Shield skill.

[DESTROYER] Longer Skills Duration
This mod increase the duration and cooldown of some Destroyer skills to 5 minutes.

[DESTROYER] Seismic Burst scaling
I decided that seismic burst could use some weapon dps scaling so that it remains useful at higher lvls

[DESTROYER] Shadow Armor block duration fix
Changes the duration of the block percentage buff on Shadow Armor to match the listed duration of the skill.

[DESTROYER] {WIP} Skill revamp
There is a new polearm mastery skill in the titan tree that replaces the ranged weapon mastery skill.

[DESTROYER] Unleashed mod
I found out that the Destroyer actually has 5 skills that are not included in the released version of the game. So I came up with this mod to unlock them.

[VANQUISHER] Re-Balanced Marksmen
This mod focusses on the entire marksmen tree in an effort to bring these skills in line with other classes.

[VANQUISHER] Armor Recolor: Vanquisher set 01
Simple recoloring of all the Vanquisher armor if you want to change things up a little...

[VANQUISHER] Arrow Hail Fix.
The mod edits Arrow Hail to scale better with Agility and to Scale with weapon damage.

This mod adds the Bash ability to the Rogue tree for the Vanquisher, which is very similar to the Destroyer's Slash skill.

[VANQUISHER] Fixed 2 rogue skills
Stab now has 93% weapon damage at lv1; it reaches 120% at lv10. Hamstring now has 60% weapon damage at lv1; it reaches 150% at lv10.

[VANQUISHER] Invisible Vanquisher Armor
A simple mod that replaces all of the armor models with that of the default character model.

[VANQUISHER] Melee skills - Combo Points Demo (v0.2)
the Vanquisher's Rogue tree doesn't really reward or encourage melee weapon use at all, so I edited a few new skills in that should be at least vaguely interesting.

[VANQUISHER] Poison Bomb
Adds a poison-flavored explosive to the Vanquishers Arbiter tree.

[VANQUISHER] Pyro Claws v1.1
Adds 'Venomous Dirks' clone skill.

I just modded a venom dirk and flechette trap up to 20 rank/skill level for now.

[VANQUISHER] Summon Godzilla skill
This mod introduces a new skill: Summon Godzilla, with 6 ranks.

[VANQUISHER] Summon Spiders skill
This mod introduces a new skill, Summon Spiders, which calls in a pack of baby spiders to attack your foes.

[NEW CLASS] Airbender v1.0 - Fully playable now
The Airbender manipulates ember dormant in the air, creating force fields to attack, deflect, and defend.

[NEW CLASS] Assassin
So far she just has a combination of Destroyer, Alchemist and Vanquisher Skills, along with Elemental Resistance, Dervish, Identify, Haste and Drain Life.

[NEW CLASS] Assassin
I took skills from each of the three current classes and made what is essentially a hybrid melee class

[NEW CLASS] Fury - uses Ranged Weapons and Psionics
Here is my attempt to make a better ranged class. It is based heavily on the Vanquisher, but I've changed the skills quite a bit

[NEW CLASS] Gale's Class Overhaul: Barbarian Edition
This replaces the Destroyer, New skills, new icons and new balancing.

[NEW CLASS] Hunter and Tanker v1.0.3
I made two classes for kicks, didn't check if it's well balanced and felt like sharing them. (First time mod, just so you know)

[NEW CLASS] Necromancer v0.3.1
Serious work on skills and minions starts now.

[NEW CLASS] Rage Destroyer v0.2_Beta
It makes a Rage System out of the mana system, it will add a new class that copies the destroyer but instead he'll have a Rage System built from the Mana System.

[NEW CLASS] Sorceress [Beta v0.1]
Adds a new class the sorceress to the game.

[NEW CLASS] Stealth Assassin is playable.
New Class I am working on. Still looking for help regarding the model and some skills.

[NEW CLASS] Vanquisher Total Conversion v1.0
This mod completely changes the Vanquisher class. The mod is an effort to the best parts out of each class and combine them into one whole.

[NEW CLASS] WoW Shaman
Shamans are masters of the elements, using spells and totems that enhance their abilities in battle while unleashing the fury of the elements upon their foes.

[PET] Brink The Merc by AdAstra
Kill Brink the Corrupted. Talk to Brink the Merc in town. Get him as additional pet.

[PET] Change my name presents: Change my Fish!
Change my Fish triples, maybe even quadruples the base number of pet transformations and adds classes and skills to each transformation, accordingly.

[PET] Dragonkin Champion w/Boss Skills
This mod overwrites the Troll pet with a Dragonkin Champion pet. The pet is permanent, and can cast spells normally cast only by Ordrak.

[PET] Irrelevant Industries presents the Pet Tunnel Spider.
Straight from the sunken ruins (or where ever they spawn) I am glad to present the the Pet Tunnel Spider.

[PET] Medea
Changes your pet to a Medea. Overwrites Cat and Dog.

[PET] Netherimp
Changes your pet to a Netherimp. Overwrites Cat and Dog.

[PET] Pet Transmogrification Potions (v7)
The general store in Torchlight now has a number of pet transmogrification potions, each of which change the appearance of your pet in a different way!

[PET] White Horse Mod vO.1
This is my first mod, its a pet mod with transform fish. Has only one horse skill right now, so its for fun only until I change that.

[PET][CAT & DOG] Dash Skill
Doesn't change anything else besides adding the go inhound's dash ability to your base pets.

[PET][CAT & DOG] Healthy Pet Mod
The goal of this mod is to increase your pet's health at later levels in the game when things really start to get rough.

[PET][CAT & DOG] Healthy Pet Mod: FIX
The healthy pet mod doesnt seem to work. I was asked to fix the issue, and here it is.

[PET][DOG] Bee Swarm!
Ever wanted to make your dog vomit bees? Well now you can!


Maps and Map Changes

Aegis Maps
5 new Crypt chunks for the regular circulation + new dungeon.

Brown Dirt Mines
This is a simple recolor of the Mines.

Crypt Arena .01b
The whole idea of this map is to give a bit of a challenge to the late gamers.

Crystals Mod
This mod adds Crystals to the mine system that you can smash and get "gems" from.

Endless Enemies Challenge Map - Attack Gorilla
This is a quick and dirty mod that creates a new custom Map/Dungeon in which you battle it out with an endless number of enemies in a single room.

Epic Boss Maps
I made a mod which basically makes a map filled with boss monsters.

Epic Maps
I opted for not too -huge- and only did x3. Changed the numbers and increase the mob spawn.

Epic Maps 24/84 Maps
The main idea of the level groupings is to allow people to play the maps at lower levels with scaled down enemies without dishing out the gold for the higher tiers.

Feats of Strength
Only a Beta for now.Your character gets into a tournament, or an arena, and there you fight waves of monsters and then you can see how far you can get.

Forgotten Fortress of Rukom
The pack consist of 5 new chunks that will match the existing fortress chunks. They should come into play during random dungeons and in a map containing only these chunks.

Hero Maps,Nightmare Maps,Dragon Cave!
I have brought some really funny dungeon map scrolls for you!There are 2 series (a total of 15 special and challenging maps) of maps added to Torchlight in this MOD

Map mod
Instead of getting a random map you will now get to chose the map you want INCLUDING Strange Land map the "cow level" of Torchlight.

Mine Booster Pack 1.0
A Booster Pack for the 'Mine' tileset. Contains 1 map for each of the following areas

More Maps
I've added a mod that now adds 6 additional maps from 20-???? that include all the tile sets.

More Purchasable Maps Mod updated to v2.0
Adds a few more purchasable maps to the game.

New Boss Levels
This mod adds 3 very basic new levels to the story dungeon. Each floor contains some challenging bosses.

SV+, the Shadow Vault now has bosses and warps
This mod adds story boss floors to the SV's random level generator. About every 1/3 floors you'll run into a boss from the story leveled to match the floor they're on.

Time Released Enemies Challenge - Attack Gorilla
This Map releases an endless number of monsters based on logic timers (the monsters' levels slowly increment with time as well)

Zombie LandV1 [Released]
-WARNING- Please know that this isn't for the weak, I hope you can survive these zombies with out the use of god mode.

[QUEST] Moog the Enchanter
The mod adds a new quest NPC for Shadow Vault dungeon. As a reward player gets exp/fame and an access to one free enchantment.

[QUEST] Starch the Monster Hunter
This mod adds Starch, a monster hunter to the group of questgivers outside the Shadow Vault.

[QUEST] The Mysterious Man
Adding a Mysterious Man to the Torchlight Town, what he offers is yet a mystery... (Hint: It's a new Quest!)

[TOWN]Lower Mine Area accessible
This alows you to enter the lower mine area (atleast biggest part of it) in Torchlight increasing the overall townsize by ~25%.



COD4 LevelUp Sound
Changed the levelup sound to the Call Of Duty 4 Levelup Sound Also included: A No Narrator folder which gets rid of all the Narrator sounds except the storyline stuff.

Diablo 2 Music!
I made a Diablo 2 version of the music including title music from LOD.

Enriched Music
These are the game music enriched by other background sound.

Explosive Shot Muffle
Changes the sound for when Explosive Shot hits so it's not quite as loud and annoying.

No Narrated Trap and Pet Sounds - v1.21
This mod gets rid of the "You have triggered a trap sound" and the "your pet is fleeing" and "your pet has departed/returned".

No "Pet is fleeing" Narrator Voiceover
This mod will eliminate the 'Your pet is fleeing' and 'Your pet has fled' sounds from the game.

Quiet Gem
This mod represents modding at its most simplistic; it's sole objective is to reduce the pitch and volume of the gem drop/move noise.


Visuals, Look

Bigger Gems
The mod simply makes the icons of all gems appear 1.5x bigger.

ComicFont mod changes all Torchlight in-game fonts to Comic Sans MS.

Darker Ambient Lighting v1.0
This mod will darken the Mines, Crypt, Estherian Ruins, and Caverns.

Enemy Weapon Variety Mod
This mod allows all sorts of different weapons to spawn in the hands of your enemies to shake things up a bit.

Gem Icon MOD
Adds numbers to the gems for better distinguishing.

I created a quick and dirty mod using TorchED to allow the player to select male or female of each of the three classes.

Gothic Mephisto
I've not only changed the game font to this, but also removed the borders.

Inklight Mod - Comic Book style
The Inklight mod replaces all of the game's textures with a set filtered to look more hand drawn.

Knee Deep in Blood by AdAstra
Very quick mod, changing the amount of blood splatter and the time it stays before it disappears.

Loot Border Removal Only
This mod will only change the loot border to a more simplistic border.

Low-Res Texture Mod
This is a lower-resolution texture mod for those who are experiencing performance issues - it's worth a shot to see if it helps your FPS.

No Helmet v3.14
This disables rendering of helmets. It works for all three classes. Have fun.

Shaped Gems
The mod builds on Brandonn's mod and my Bigger Gems mod, and gives unique appearance to the different gem levels.

Small Floaty Text v0.1
This mod reduces the size of the ingame floaty text that pops up when taking damage ,hitting creatures, blocking/glancing blow & hp/mana stealing.

Small Font v1.31 + Better tooltips 11/6
I know most of you aren't blind so here is a quick Small Font mod.

Tristram Mod [music, fonts, tooltips]
For all veterans here, that remember old, but very climatic game named Diablo 1... I give you small Tristram Mod.


Item & spell Balancing

2Hander Glory (2H dual wield edit)
This is essentially the same as the 2H dual wield already published but without a second set of polearms designed for dual wielding.

Additional Gem Availability
This mod allows mimic chests and the gem seller to carry gems, skulls, and eyeballs whose quality is higher than just Cracked and Dull.

A few more gems -v0.1
Adds a couple of additional gem types with some previously lacking abilites in socketables.

Anya's Gems Emporium
This mod adds a new merchant that sells gems only. Her inventory is based on SOCKETABLES_SPAWN class so it's based on player's level.

Awful Arthur the Fishmonger
This is Arthur. Arthur sells fish. Arthur likes to hang out in front of the fishing hole.

Baklah's Finest Gear
Another mod for merchant collectors, who sells enchanted, rare and sometimes unique items.

Better Balanced Sale Prices
This mod offers exactly what the title says--better balanced sale prices. Vendors now offer more gold in exchange for your items.

Double Damage Polearms
they now do double the damage they used to. or slightly more.

DualMod - Dual Wield 2 Handers
It basically adds a new arsenal of weapons to Torchlight similar to the existing polearms (staff excluded) but this time you can dual wield them in both hands.

Easy Respecs (Stats too!)
Reassign your skills as well as potions that allow you to change your stats by deducting a point from one and adding to another [general Vendor]. 1 gold per potion.

EnchantMod(never wipe)
This mod is making enchants never wipe your items.

Fairweather Enchanting
The idea here is to remove the enchant wipe chance as it is merely a frustration in my opinion, while at the same time making it so enchanting cannot be exploited.

Fame Gain Items
As the title says, this simple mod allows randomly generated fame gain bonuses on green or blue items.

Fish Vendor MOD - by Brandonn
This MOD changes the Enchanter into a Fish Vendor.

FishMash: Fish Transmutation Mod v1.03
This mod gives you the ability to transmute fish. It also adds a new size of fish between Normal and Big.

Gaspar the Cartographer (map merchant)
This is a merchant who hangs out by the shared stash and sells nothing but portal maps.

Gold Sharing Service
This mod allows you to share your gold between chars

Gold Potion
Adds a Gold Potion to the General Merchant. It has a random +Gold Drop boost ranging from 50 to 150.

This mod makes the monster do the fishing so you don't have to.

Increased Selling Prices (v1.1)
It increases the selling price of enchanted and unique items from the low low default. It breaks the game's balance, consider yourself warned.

Inventory mod 0.9
The "Inventory mod" changes UnitType of scrolls and potions and move them to Spells tab, fish potions are moved to Fishes tab.

Items Always Identified
No need for ID scrolls anymore.

Jetlaw's Stat Pot Mod
This adds a 9 new potions to the game that drop throughout all dungeons and on all levels at a balanced rate for normal gameplay, permanently increasing stats.

Longer Time Duration for Elemental Protection MOD
This Mod increases the duration of the Elemental Protection Spell to 1800 seconds from 60 seconds.

Merchant Tweak
This mod is designed to be used with the several existing merchant mods, like the Gem Merchant, Spell Dealer, Fishmonger & Cartographer.

Monsterous Appetite
Two items to the game which have a 5% chance to appear in lieu of a potion drop. (One raises HP by 10 points the other raises MP by 1 point.)

No BS Enchanting
This is, in my opinion, how it should have worked from the beginning.

No str/dex/mag requirements
This mod reduces all strength, dexterity and magic requirements to 0.

Of The Deep
"Of the Deep" only adds in 4 affixes to the game. all of them add fishing luck.

Old Enchanter & Nice Enchanter
What this mod does is basically put the enchanter and shrine rates the way they were before the v1.12 patch.

PetShopEx Mod
The Petshopex mod causes the general inventory vendor to offer the respec potion & all permanent fishes and 3 functional fishes that can strengthen your pet.

Potion Deluxe v1.2.1
Potion Deluxe adds a variety of Potions (and items like potions) to the general merchant, and standard loot tables.

Potions maxstacksize mod
Potions' maxstacksize mod, make your hp/mp potions and identify/town portal scrolls' maxstacksize to 200.

Powerful Gems
This mod changes most of the gems in the game to have more powerful/exciting modifiers and affixes.

Recipes Deluxe!
It adds new recipes for use at the Transmutation. Better and hidden spell scrolls + recycling recipes for items.

Potion Expansion v1
Adds a few new potions with spell-like abilities to the game.

Rejuvenation Potion
Potions have the same effects as the equivalent Heath and Mana potions.

Respec Mod
Respec potion mod, allows you to buy respec potions from the general inventory vendor.

RespecPotion [Plays nice with other mods]
A version of the respecpotion mod that will work nice with other mods that edit the general vendor.

Transmute a full stack (20) scrolls to receive a book; the books stack up to 10 and have 20 charges each.

Shadow Vault Elevator
Adds a vendor to the SW corner of the Shadow Vault cemetery. He sells maps which will teleport you to a specific floor of the SV- level. Also changes the SV so that the level of the monsters will always equal the floor number.

Slower Disenchant
I've slowed down the rate of increase for diesnchant (but not eliminated it) to start at 1.5%, and increase .75% thereafter. Prices are unaffected.

Spell Dealer
I made this very simple mod to teach myself some of the TourchED basics and because I wanted a merchant that sold more then just a few spells.

"Tier 3" Ancient Items (RELEASED: Multiple Mirrors!)
I have finished the first version of an item set for the later levels of the game (60-90). All of these items have a prefix of Ancient as apposed to the "Tier 2" items.

Total Respec mod
This mod adds four potions to the inventory of the general items merchant. All of them lower stats and give back stat points.

Unlimited Item Tiers
I figured it would be pretty straightforward to whip up something which can generate new tiers on and on ad infinitum.

Very Fishy (v1) - New statboost fish, keep your perm pet!
This mod changes the fish; it's a fishy total conversion, so to speak. Fish doesn't transmute your pet anymore, but gives him a Statboost instead.

Vsea Shop Mod Update v1.4
This Mod will make General Shop sell some Permanent Fish, some normal monster and some boss monster. This Mod also include RespecMod.


Additional Items and Item Changes

RuneMod 1.0
This is a mod that introduces Glyphs, items that function like Runes in D2.

Gale's Gem Overhaul v1
This disabled old gems completely and introduces new Prefixes/Suffixes for Chaos Gems, which are now named just Gem.

Bigger Potions
This mod adds potions of the following designations, each one step larger than the previous: Hyper, Potent, Huge, Massive.

A very small mod. Adds nine "unique" gems to the game. These cannot be transmuted and have the drop rate of cut gems.

Titan Quest Staffs
This mod Increases the Striking Range of staffs, with some fun surprises.

This is a simple mod that add 6 Experience potions and a new NPC-Merchant where you can bough those Xp-potions.

[SET] God's Arsenal
This mod introduces God's Arsenal, a custom set intended to make you feel like "god".

[SET] Immortal King
6 set items, special affixes for set & items and a recolor for the Stone Crusher to match the color to the popular vulture armor.

[SET] Monkeynutz Weapon Pack v1.1
This WeaponPack contains 3 new weapons that are buyable @ potion vendor in town.

[SET] Prism Equipment v0.9 BETA
Adds a new elemental themed set to the game, and (eventually) a series of repeatable quests to get them as a reward.

[SET] Taboo's Metallurgy
I've created an armor set for the alchemist and the set requirements are between lvl's 39-45.

[SET] Tal Rasha's Wrappings
5 set items, some special affixes for set & items and a slighty changed armor texture for the alchemist. (only for this set) All are lvl. 50 Items and Uniques.

[SET] Thief's Fury
Im not good at balancing items, but here it is. New weapons with set bonuses if you duel wield them.

[SET] XUltimate's Oblivion
This mod will introduce a new set that you can use at level 1 with no requirements. The models are default models already in the game.

[STASH] A Banker and 4 More Stashes
2 Individual Mods: The Banker acts like a regular stash. The other mod creates 4 more normal stashes.

[STASH] Additional Stash
It adds second stash near transmuter. Simple and doesn't spoil the gameplay imo.

[WEAPON] Azure SongBlade
A one-handed sword remodeled from World of Warcraft.

[WEAPON] Bloodlord
Another sword remodeled after World of Warcraft.

[WEAPON] Brute Blade
A one-handed sword remodeled from World of Warcraft.

[WEAPON] Callahan's Magnum
I had an idea for a interesting new gun, giving bonuses to Gold Find, Magic Find, Fishing Luck, Experience Gain and Fame Gain.

[WEAPON] Cyclone Blade
This is my first mod for TL and it's the first sword mod I did for fate in 2005!

[WEAPON] Defender
This adds the rare sword, Defender, to your arsenal. Comes in three flavors: Gold, Blue, and Red for level 13-50.

[WEAPON] Havelock Blade
Adds two new swords to the game, the Havelock Blade and the Epic Havelock Blade.

[WEAPON] IceBreaker
My first attempt at a new weapon for Torchlight. Enjoy!

[WEAPON] My funny weapon
I was just playing around with the adm files and managed to create this item... haha, it got way too powerful.

[WEAPON] Neversober's Newest Weapon
Fishing Pole Of The Deadliest Catch!

[WEAPON] Neversword
My first in game weapon.

[WEAPON] The Pumpkin Smasher
This is basically just a renamed and changed stats of the TorchED Heron.

[WEAPON] Savagery Sword
A sword remodeled after World of Warcraft.

[WEAPON] Sword of Horror
My first weapon mod for Torchlight, adds the sword of horror.

[WEAPON] Tesla Trooper's Rifle
Inspired by the Command and Conquer Red Alert Series, this weapon is loosely based off the Tesla Trooper's (or Shock Trooper's) weapon.

[WEAPON] The TorchED Heron - AXE
It was an honored item for naming the "PrEditor" to "TorchED".

[WEAPONS] 4 new items from the land Korum
This mod contains 4 items from a bigger mod/conversion I am think about doing.

Additional Monsters

Hellmen - New Monster
Used Ratman spawn and made them stronger and more powerful. I used the dragon mesh so it would fit the name.Appearing on floor 1,2 and 3.



just compacts the HUD in the bottom left corner, but maybe it can serve as an illustration.

DarNified AutoMap
Here's a square automap for ya.

Diablo 3 HUD 1.01
Pretty selfexplanatory.

Gale's Icons
First icon pack is here which contains 64 icons. No proper mod but the icons may be used for creating new skills or editing existing ones.

Ice Blue UI Reskin V 1.0
Tried to make the UI feel a bit more modern, and just tried to make it look like a good replacement for the current one.

InDarkness Mod (more Diablo like)
As i didn't like graphics style of original one i've decided to create my own look of the game.

Removed loot borders, Removed all of the small buttons surrounding the health and mana bars,Removed almost all of the art surrounding the hotkey buttons...

Minimal HUD
Minimal HUD reduces the extraneous frames and borders from the game's HUD.

NeverLoad Dropdown Menu redo...
Gets rid of the bulk of the dropdown menu. UPDATE - Added a custom sound.

Tired of loosing your cursor?
Now you have custom bright cursors

UI Mod - Pet Button Replacement
I did a minor UI change to the pet Icon - It bothered me a little that it was a "feed" icon instead of a general "pet" icon, so I changed it a bit.



Fackelschein - Torchlight in German / Torchlight in Deutsch
Self explanatory.

Italian Translation
Self explanatory.

Here is the Portuguese Translation for Torchlight. Some things couldn't be translated...

Torchlight FR - French translation / Traduction française
I am proud to announce that the translation of Torchlight from english to french has just begun!

Torchlight in Spanish
I'm aiming to translate all the basic HUD and .layout files into Spanish.

TorchLight UI Spanish Translation
We have translated 90% of the UI (User Interface) into Spanish. Traducción del 90% de la interface a Español.

Torchlight PL - Polish Translation / Spolszczenie - v0.2
Self explanatory.

Fáklyafény - Hungarian UI mod
Translates the UI for v1.12 into hungarian.

Small extra stuff

The bank of Torchlight
Adds 'checks' to the general vendor and reduces the buy price of normal items to match the 'for-sale' price.

Catching Nemo
Fish Reskin.

My silly scroll
I wont tell you what it does... its just for a laugh really.

Mysterious Ember Stone
The transmute NPC will transmute a unique item and a mysterious emberstone and return a random unique.

No Glow
this mod takes care of that by removing the glow, without affecting the stats of the item in any way whatsoever.

Partial Fix for Dead Pets (Alchemists only)
your pet got killed, the pet window is MIA, and nothing you do (reloading, TP-ing etc) can bring your pet back. Besides this mod.

Torchlight Variety
This tool selects loadingscreen, font and music randomly at start.