This is the starting point for my Ultimate [Modlist] Website. You should be able to find here every mod in existence for the game Torchlight (besides the skins for now.)

If you know the thread  over at runicgames then you will probably be familiar with the content on this page. The forum was problematic in terms of a character limit, and I would run out of space sooner or later. So I simply decided to create this website now.
Suggestions are very welcome.

Main Categories:

New Mods:
Here you will find every new Mod released in the last few days. Perfect for looking through a shorter list if you only want to know what you have missed.

Complete Mod List:
As the title says,  its the mod  list. Now categorized and properly "clickable" from the table of contents.

List of Mod Creators:
Only looking for your favourite Mod Author? Here is the way to look for them. I'll add their mods later.

Guestbook/ Feedback:
Wanna leave any comment? Any mod  missing? Suggestions on how to improve this website? Greetings from all over the world are always welcome =)

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