4- Play Blu-ray using VLC Player

posted Mar 16, 2011, 10:36 AM by Marc-Andre Larouche   [ updated Mar 21, 2011, 4:17 PM ]

Sometime we just want to watch a movie

Another great Freeware; VLC is a video player that support virtually every video file formats I know. VLC can also plays the MKV files directly from your Blu-Ray Backup. VLC will do a great job if you have a mac powerful enough to play the original video. If you want to watch the Blu-Ray disc on your mac, this part will cover how to stream the content of your Blu-Ray disc to VLC using MakeMKV.

What can I do with it ?

VLC is a rich movie player compatible with so much more format than Quicktime and if you just want to watch a movie on your mac, well VLC is perfect to watch the MKV files. You might need a powerful computer to read a movie that wasn't re-compress with Handbrake as we discussed previously.

If you didn't have enough disc space to Rip the Movie or if you see no purpose to Backup your discs, here's what to do:

Decrypting the HDCP using Make MKV

STEP 1- Open MakeMKV and put a Blu-Ray disc in your drive.

STEP 2- In the Toolbar select File>Open disc> and select your Blu-Ray drive.

Now you should see a list of all the movie titles on your Blu-Ray drive. Note which of them is the biggest (it's the usually the main title, where gonna need it later). 

In that case it was the third titles.

STEP 3- Start Streaming the Blu-Ray. This action create a local streaming server that we can access by VLC.

You should see a link of the connection in MakeMKV window. Click on the link to open it in a web browser.

You should see a message saying : "This page is designed to be read by robots, not humans..." at the last line you should see the link /web/titles 

STEP 4- Open /web/titles link.

Remember I told you to remember which titles contain the main movie? We're gonna need it next.

STEP 5- Open the main movie title link (in that case the this link is called /web/title2).

Now you shold see the information of the title you try to open, make sure the info match the length of the main movie.

STEP 6- Find the link with the extension ".m2ts", right click on this link and copy the following link.

Opening your movie with VLC

STEP 7- Open VLC

STEP 8- In VLC toolbar select File>Open Network (shortcut cmd+N).

STEP 9- Paste the link in the URL space and hit Open.

Done ! You should now be able to watch your Blu-Ray movie on your mac !