I. Throne Room Guide


 I got a great summary from my other domain but it bugged the hell how complicated it was for the KoC Layman so I have changed it and added my take on things, it is still complicated as hell lmao.



There are 5 Throne Room Item Positions:

1) Advisor

2) Banner

3) Chair

4) Table

5) Window



There are 4 troop Types:

1) Infantry - Supply Troops, Militia, Scouts, Pike & Swordsmen

2) Ranged - Archers

3) Horsed – Cavalry & Heavy Cavalry

4) Siege - Supply Wagons, Ballista, Battering Rams & Catapults



There are 6 Battle Stats:

1) Attack

2) Defense

3) Life

4) Speed

5) Range

6) Load



BUFF = All Buffs are applied to YOUR Troops. They have a positive affect that increases the ability specified on the card.

DEBUFFS = All Debuffs are applied to the ENEMIES Troops. They have a negative affect that decreases the enemy capability as described on the card.


** Buffs and Debuffs do not apply to Wall Defenses unless specified on the card. **



For Defense and Attack

 1) Range Buff or Debuff. (Affects the range of all troops)

 2) Siege Range Buff or Debuff. (Affects the range of Cats and Bals)

 3) Life Buff or Debuff. (Given a choice between a 5% Life Buff/Debuff and a 50% Defense Buff/Debuff, Life is always better.)

 4) Attack Buff or Debuff. (Increases your Attack stat. A 60% Attack Buff/Debuff is roughly equivalent to a 20% Life Buff/Debuff)

 5) Accuracy Buffs or Debuff (Hmmm, too complicated for here, read below lol.)

 6) Combat Speed Buff or Debuff (Very useful if defending against Cats, depending on your Alloy Horseshoes, even a 5% boost could cut the combat rounds down by 1 saving tons of troops. This spins around when you attack with Cats, Debuff their speed by enough and you may get an extra round.)

Points to Remember –

 1) For Siege Vs Siege, Defense, Attack and Life Buff/Debuffs do not apply. 

 2) You want Range not Ranged if you expect to get the most out of your Cats and Ballista.



 1) Training Speed Buff (A 40% Buff is roughly equivalent to an increase in Troop Building Speed of roughly 27%)

 2) Load Buff (When Attacking, this increases how much you can carry home as loot)

 3) Load Debuff (When Defending, this decrease the amount they can carry with each attack. A 200-300% Debuff will effectively stop them taking much if anything at all lol)



 Accuracy is a hidden stat that all troops have.

 Accuracy values, or modifiers, range between slightly above 0 to nearly 2.

 They exist because one of the coded rules of the game is 1 troop can only fire on 1 other troop per round of a battle.

 An example of how they work is:

 Against HC, Cats have an Accuracy Value of 0.8. This means 1 Cat can attack 0.8 HC in each round of battle. The Accuracy Value is multiplied by the number of  Cats so 200k Cats x 0.8 = 160k. This means 200k Cats can attack 160k HC in each round of battle. 

 A 1% increase in Accuracy in this instance would roughly kill an additional 1600 HC.

 Currently Accuracy Bonuses are listed incorrectly. Bonuses listed as 0.01% are actually 1%. Those are 1% more kills completely for free.

 I'm sure you can see how this is a good thing. Equally, debuffing your enemies' accuracy whilst defending will save you lots of troops.

 If you find a usable 5-10% Accuracy Buff/Debuff, you certainly want to try and incorporate it into your Throne Room.



 For my normal preset, I will select the best Range Buff/Debuffs, Speed Buffs and Training Speed Buffs. This will give me the greatest chance of both defending any attack against me and allow maximum troop growth whilst I am not attacking where other presets may benefit me

If you can make yourself thoroughly familiar with the Types and Stats I listed at the start of this mail, you will be able to decipher any card you have in your Throne Room and figure out if it will benefit you or not. Some cards you will find are completely useless, even if they are Epic. Odds are 99% of cards will not match our play style and you'll end up salvaging them to make room for the few that do.