T. KoC Bots, Tools & Scripts


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This is a guide to take you step by step through the process of setting up your computer to get the most out of it and hopefully reduce game lag and those horrible glitches that appear now and again. Sorry if it long winded, I tend to waffle lol.




Download the latest version of Firefox; you will not need any other browser. As of 20/3/12, this is currently V 11.0 and can be downloaded direct from this link:




Quite often, I hear of people using separate browsers for their different domains, they do this because it reduces the lag and the glitches you get when trying to play multiple domains on the same browser profile. This process can be easily duplicated by creating a separate Fire Fox profile for each domain that you play in and works in the same way as having different browsers except you have the benefit of every domain running the same way and speed.

  1. Click on Start, the tab will open up and you should see a tab called Run.
  2. Click the Run Tab. 
  3. Copy/Paste this to the text box that appears:

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P "BFGareth" -no-remote

(You can change BFGareth to your own name if you wish lol)

And then click OK.

  1. This brings you to a box which allows you to create your profile, choose a name; I normally go with the game name and domain I want to play in on the profile. For example, I have named the profile I use for this game KoC Domain 340 as this makes it much easier for me to identify which game I am opening up each time.

Once you have created your profile, you will no longer need to insert the code above into the Run box as it should remain there until you change it manually.

  1. Click Start, Click Run, then Ok, this brings you to the FF start box and select create profile again, choosing a different name for the domain.
  2. Keep doing this until each of your domains has its own profile.
  3. To play a domain, do the same as (5) but instead click on the desired domain and click Start Firefox.



Once you have your profile set up, you will need to add the following Fire Fox ADD ONS to get the best out of your browser profile. Please note that if you want the following tools, then you need top install them separately onto each individual profile. They only work on profiles they have been downloaded onto.

1. For all bots that are used with LoU, the best platform (ADD ON) to use is Scriptish. It works the same as Grease Monkey and will run existing scripts as well as any future updates. This should theoretically fix any script issues you may have.

Scriptish – This translates the code of other scripts to language your computer can understand, as such, it has to be installed first. (This replaces Grease Monkey, so delete Grease Monkey and all existing scripts first.)



2. This script Add On to Fire Fox lets me know how much memory is being used at any one time by my computer. It also attempts to optimize memory usage.


Once installed, you will see a faded gray circle with an ‘M’ in it (On my screen, it is located at the top of the page to the left of the address bar). Click on the ‘M’ and it will open a mini window, click on ‘activate memory fox – browser only’. Once you have done this, you will see that the grayed out box is now green.

Green means it is actively monitoring memory usage and trying to ensure is stays at optimum levels. If you hover your mouse over the green ‘M’, a box will appear telling you your current memory usage, should that usage ever approach 70%, you really need to restart your browser; personally, I do restart it at ‘60% memory usage’. You could do this as normal but I prefer to cheat, see below lol.


3. This script allows adds a restart browser option to your ‘File’ tab. Just click on it and your browser will restart, this clears the computers memory cache much more effectively then a simple refresh and helps cut game lag a lot.




1. KOC Power Bot (New, Official Version) – This is the most common bot for automating your game and therefore the most glitch free. Download the SVN version which has all the latest features. Remember to ensure you have at least 100k Aetherstone in your city at all times or this tool will use your gems to upgrade when Aetherstone is not available and check your auto salvage options so you don't delete valuable cards.



2. Power Tools – Used in conjunction with Power Bot, it gives you extra info about your own game and others and has nice time saving tricks such as leveling up your knights etc.



Wow, glad that is finished, seems complicated, it aint, certainly not once you have done it a few times lol. Hopefully these changes will help reduce lag and enhance your enjoyment in what is a great game. If you continue to have bad game lag, the most likely causes are poor internet connection or the games servers are struggling to cope with the amount of commands being processed at that current time. Get in touch if you have any questions, I am here to help.