In the never-ending pursuit of the computer that does anything quickly, this is my latest creation. My last build was a machine utilizing an Intel Q6600 quad-core and 4Gb of RAM. I thought that would be overkill enough for my needs, however surfing the internet (opening new browser tabs) or performing any other seemingly easy task was aggravatingly slow when i had started several other processes at the same time. For instance; 
  • I wanted to watch a .MKV movie 
  • Convert another one from .TS to .MKV
  • Extract some RAR files
  • Have Grabit running, downloading content
  • Surf the net at the same time.
Nope, not gonna happen very fast on a quad-core with (only) 4Gb RAM. Since this machine was only a year old, I pretty much already owned a re-usable power supply and hard drive, so I went to Newegg and dropped $1400. This is the result:

I use this machine as my main computer/entertainment system/gaming system, so it better be able to do any of these functions, and do them all at the same time. Flawlessly and fast. Here is a pic of my system on the entertainment system next to my printer and my custom built 2.2TB  Micro-ATX RAID 5 Fileserver:

Parts List:

  • Cooler Master CM Media 280 HTPC case review
  • Silverstone ST850 Strider 850W Modular power supply review
  • LG 20x CD/DVD/RW Burner
  • 150Gb Western Digital Raptor 10K rpm HDD
  • EVGA nVidia GeForce 8800GTX 768Mb PCI-e Video Card
  • Asus Z8PE-D12 Dual Intel LGA1366 Server motherboard info
  • 2X Intel Xeon E5520 Gainestown Quad core CPU's review
  • 12Gb GeiL DDR3 RAM (6 x 2Gb) Hexa-channel kit
  • 2x OCZ Vertex 60Gb SATAII Solid State Drives  review
  • 2x Noctua LGA1366 CPU coolers with ultra-quiet fans  review
  • Creative Audio X-Fi Sound Blaster PCI-e x1 Sound card