Counselling and psychotherapy

What is counselling?
Counselling helps an individual to explore concerns and feelings in a safe and confidential setting with the help of a Counsellor who is trained to listen attentively and without judging. This, in turn, may help individuals to understand themselves and what they are experiencing better and may help them to develop more fulfilling relationships and a more satisfying life. 

What is Psychotherapy?
Psychotherapy is a range of techniques that help the clients to cope with the issues that they are facing in their lives and to improve personality growth. The common characteristic of psychotherapy is interpersonal contact between the client and the therapist, which distinguishes psychotherapy from the pure medical approach.

Group Counselling/Psychotherapy
Group session is a type of therapy, where a group of 6-12 individuals and trained therapist(s) meet for regular sessions. Members are encouraged to give feedback to others and engage in interactions in safe group environment. This is efficient way to work on social issues, addictions, personality disorders or mild to moderate depression or anxieties.

Services include:
      • Individual/ face-to-face therapy
      • Group counselling/psychotherapy
      • Couple/marriage counselling
      • On-line services ---- Email and  Skype
      • Telephone counselling/psychotherapy 
      • Workshops, training and support groups
Training Services
 Training workshops are conducted on the most prelevant mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Besides, training UCTS is also engaged in creating awareness of mental health issues within the community.
Family Support services
Family support services are aimed at providing support for family members experiencing distress due to various reasons i.e. parenting, teenage difficulties, school related issues, chronic illness, bereavement and more.
Private Health care Providers
Counselling and Psychotherapy services are provided to cleints referred by private health care providers covering various areas including Employee Assistance Programme.  
Health and Social care services
These services include counselling, psychotherapy, group activities, workshops and training. Health and Social care providers who utilise our services include rehabilitation centres and units, nursing homes, supported living accommodation units, young people accommodation units, community support groups, mental health and disability service providers plus private hospitals.