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Thank you for visiting my site! I created this website because I believe that birth is the most incredible journey you will ever go through. I found my true passion for obstetrics when I was working for a family practice doctor. I performed all of our prenatal interviews and formed bonds with many of our patients. I left that practice after five years to work in a birth center as an Obstetrical Technician. I assisted in hundreds of deliveries... and I made it my goal to make each birth as special as I could, many women came in without birth plans, and I immediately asked them what they wanted out of their birth experience; the possibilities are endless. I am currently persuing my Bachelor's degree in nursing. 

You can ask almost any woman and she could tell you her birth story in detail; like it had happened yesterday. Our birth experience is imprinted in our memory... unfortunately some not all good. My goal is to give you the tools and the knowledge that will allow you to construct the ultimate birth plan to help ensure that you get the experience you desire. You must remember that this is your birth, your memory, and that it can be an incredible and memorable experience.

Jolene, Website Owner          

Is this Labor?                  

For first time moms, and even “experienced mommies” this can  be the most trying point in your pregnancy. How will I know if I am in labor? When should I go to the hospital? What if it is a “false alarm” and I am sent home?… I am going to feel ridiculous for causing a commotion, everyone thinks I am having my baby! Most labors occur in three stages. How long these stages last and specifics about each stage will be different for everybody just as everybody has different pregnancies.  However, reading more about this may help you navigate through your labor and feel empowered with information.   See the link Is this labor? for more information.

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Is this Labor?

The Stages of Labor

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Pregnancy In The News

May 2008

"What You Eat When You Concieve May Determine The Gender of Your Child"

New research by the Universities of Exeter and Oxford provides the first evidence that a child's sex is associated with the mother's diet.Read more - parent freebies!