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  • Change: Color-differentiated torrent statuses
  • Change: Decreased size of interface elements
  • Change: Hide progress bar for completed torrent jobs
  • Change: Slightly more robust handling of /gui/?action=getsettings
  • Change: Use decimal rather than percentage for ratio
  • Fix: Labels containing certain HTML strings break label selection dropdowns
  • Fix: MiniUI stops working if filtered torrent job label no longer exists
  • Fix: Number rounding issues in various places
  • Fix: Torrent jobs never shown as "Finished"
  • Fix: uTorrent 3.0 compatibility
  • Feature: Palm webOS support
  • Feature: Set torrent job label from a list of existing labels
  • Fix: Active/Inactive torrent jobs categories not filtered properly
  • Fix: Auto-refreshing makes it difficult to modify settings
  • Fix: Double token request when logging in as guest
  • Fix: Improper guest account detection on Palm webOS Browser
  • Fix: Newly set torrent job label not shown after Properties refresh
  • Fix: Palm webOS reloading MiniUI when switching Details view
  • Fix: Refresh button not working when viewing torrent job Files and Properties
  • Fix: Use new values for queue.slow_*_threshold if modified in MiniUI
  • Feature: Auto-refreshing
  • Change: Attempt to request a new token if previous request fails
  • Change: Implement proper guest account restrictions
  • Change: Use queue.slow_*_threshold to determine active/inactive torrents
  • Fix: Torrent files don't load when torrent is clicked in some situations
  • Fix: Torrent properties never get cached
  • Feature: Allow pausing of torrents
  • Feature: Pause/resume all torrents
  • Change: Use HTML for confirmation rather than basic JavaScript confirms
  • Change: Visual feedback on action
  • Change: Visual indication of which tab is currently visible
  • Feature: Add multiple torrents by URL
  • Feature: Paging in the Settings pane
  • Change: Enlarge click area for previous/next page changers
  • Fix: Improper file priority setting
  • Fix: Broken support for token authentication when adding new torrents
  • Feature: Ability to set a torrent job's label
  • Feature: More complete Basic details pane
  • Change: Remove the "+" link (torrent job name now serves the same purpose)
  • Change: Streamline the torrent jobs list
  • Change: Tweak UI slightly on Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile
  • Change: Use delta torrent jobs lists (saves some bandwidth between reloads)
  • Fix: Broken ETA parsing
  • Feature: BlackBerry Browser v4.6.0 support
  • Fix: Reloading Files list forced the first page to be loaded
  • Feature: Paging/sorting/filtering/searching on Files list
  • Change: Clicking "Options" while options are shown cancels changes and hides
  • Change: Mobile browsers should no longer require zooming
  • Change: Remove static page width configuration
  • Change: Slightly more reliable parsing of JSON
  • Change: Stop using fixed position for tabs/toolbar
  • Fix: Guest logins can cause "Loading..." screen to block everything sometimes
  • Feature: Calculate total download/upload rates
  • Feature: Configurable page width
  • Feature: Paging/sorting/filtering/searching on Torrents list
  • New: Initial release