µTorrent MiniUI


µTorrent MiniUI is a web interface for µTorrent's WebUI backend, designed with screens with limited horizontal real estate in mind. That means it is well suited for use in mobile web browsers (though that doesn't preclude any possible uses in desktop browsers).

Supported Browsers

The following is a list of browsers µTorrent MiniUI has been tested against to some degree, at some point or other in its development, to ensure compatibility.

  • Desktop
    • Google Chrome v4.0
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer v8.0
    • Mozilla Firefox v3.5
    • Opera v10.0
  • Mobile
    • Android Browser v2.0
    • Apple Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPod Touch)
    • BlackBerry Browser v4.6.0 (Javelin, Bold, Storm)
    • Iris Browser v1.1
    • kolbysoft Steel v0.1.7
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile (Windows Mobile v5.0)
    • Mozilla Fennec v1.0
    • Opera Mini v5.0
    • Opera Mobile v9.7
    • Palm webOS Browser v1.2 (Pre)



µTorrent MiniUI can be used as a standalone interface much like the official WebUI developed by Directrix (it can be placed in µTorrent's settings directory as webui.zip). I do suspect that users would prefer to run it side-by-side with the official WebUI though, which is also possible. You would simply need to add a new subdirectory in webui.zip (call it "mini" without the quotes, for example), and place the contents of the distributed MiniUI ZIP file in that directory. From there, MiniUI would be accessible via


where index.html is required due to the way the µTorrent WebUI backend works.

For the uninitiated, µTorrent's settings directory is not necessarily the same directory as the µTorrent executable. It is the directory in which the µTorrent settings.dat file is located, which can normally be found at

Start > Run > %appdata%\uTorrent

webui.zip should be placed in that directory, whether it contains the official WebUI, the MiniUI, or any other interface.


  • Setting list items per page to 0 lists all items in one page. Beware that if you view large lists, this may cause browser hangs and such.
  • Setting reload interval to 0 disables auto-refreshing of data. The Reload button can still be pressed at any time, whether or not auto-refreshing is enabled. Reload intervals are interpreted in seconds.
  • Some browsers and proxy servers don't support GZIPped content. If you find that MiniUI is not loading properly, try extracting the *.gz files that come with the package, deleting the *.gz files, and replacing them with their respective un-GZIPped counterparts.
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