µTorrent Adder


µTorrent Adder is a utility that makes use of the µTorrent WebUI backend API to send .torrent files directly to a remote (or local) instance of µTorrent. Those of you familiar with uTorrentHandler and/or Send2UTorrent should feel right at home with this utility. µTorrent Adder can be associated with .torrent files, as with those utilities, but it also supports the µTorrent WebUI token authentication system for users that are security conscious. As well, there are a few extra niceties, like server profiles, and adding from the utility UI directly in batch (both files and URL), drag-and-drop support in the files list, and various other little polishes.


[v0.3.0.1] x64, Unicode
[v0.3.0.0] x64, Unicode
[v0.2.1.1] Unicode, ANSI
[v0.1.1.1] Unicode, ANSI

Unicode builds can display Unicode characters (like Asian characters) properly, but work only with Windows 2000 and above. ANSI builds can't display Unicode characters properly, but should work on Windows 9x and above.


  • Unless specified, the default profile used for sending via commandline is the last used profile

Commandline Options

  • -profile="PROFILE NAME" : Add .torrent files to the specified profile name
  • -file="LOCAL TORRENT FILE PATH" : Add the specified local .torrent file
  • -url="TORRENT FILE URL" : Add the specified .torrent file URL
  • -silent : Don't show popup notification when torrent is sent via commandline
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