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What is Ultima Healing?

The Ultima Healing process is based on the quantum physics principles that all matter emits a frequency and on the idea that certain frequencies promote health and success in all areas of life and can be achieved by first changing the mind.  Since the body is matter and matter is energy, we are literally vibrating at rates indiscernible to the human eye. When there is a physical, mental or emotional stresser vibratory frequencies can drop to levels that are incompatible with health. Pain, illness and disease can follow that drug therapies mask or provide relief for but, the issue responsible still remains...our feelings are betraying us.

You can get control over your subconscious mind and learn to overcome the patterns in thinking that plague the conscious and subconscious thoughts.  See the 'Ultima Institute' On-line Webinars at the top of this page for information on how you can heal or at least *significantly improve all illnesses and pain in your home, using your computer with the Founder of the 'Ultima Institute' in a live Webinar series.  Additional downloads are available on topics ranging from Fat Loss to Fitness.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find the calendar of events updated monthly.  Personalized coaching is offered via the phone.  For more information on Ultima Healing Sessions and Workshops in North Carolina go to the Ultima Healing Website at: http://web.mac.com/deborahrichter/iweb/Ultima

Deborah Richter is a Mind and Body Specialist and Personal Fitness Trainer.  Deborah has studied how the mind influences the bodies cells via proteins and signals emitted through our nervous systems.  She knows from personal experience with the disease Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Auto immune Diseases as well as many professional success stories of others, that the body can heal itself when cared for properly with nutrition, exercise and proper stress reduction. In the last five years and hundreds of case studies Deborah has learned her Intuitive abilities first via mastery of the pendulum (Radiesthesia). Deborah's work has brought about such profound changes to so many that she began teaching Courses in 2007. Deborah's philosophy on healing has been compared to other Intuitives such as Louis Hays, Deb Shapiro, Christine Northrup M.D. and Sheila Hollingshead.  She credits Scientists of this era like Cellular Biologist, Bruce Lipton and Neuroimmunologist, Candace Pert for the recognition she has of her own abilities.  Their recent research findings confirmed her client research going back several years.  This confidence gave her the courage to move forward with her work and teach how the mind is communicating messages to our bodies and outwardly, to the world. 

In addition to workshops and lectures Deborah provides one on one consulting to assist clients in their healing.  To book a session with Deborah in Cary, North Carolina contact Ultima Mind & Health at (919)434-7372. A session will include an exploration into the root cause(s) of the issue(s) and 'Mind Reprogramming'.  Deborah's experience with many energy healing modalitites allows her to customize the right therapies for each individual.  The single most important part of any session is the 'Mind Reprogramming' because by changing one's thoughts and perceptions to past and present life experiences the cellular messages that are negatively influencing the cells change too. This is the secret to long-term Health Success! Be sure to check out the Webinars on the Catalog page.

*Certain disorders leave permanent damage to the body and may require regular care from your personal physician.  Ultima Healing does not claim to replace the need for regular doctor care and diagnosis.  We believe in a cooperative approach to healthcare.  In all cases, please act responsibly by staying in touch with your Personal Health Care Provider.