Ultima V ~Warriors of Destiny~

国王代行となった家臣ロード・ブラックソーン(Lord Blackthorn)は当初誠実に職務を果たしていたが、謎の3体のシャドーロード(Shadowlords)が姿を現すと同時期に徳を曲解した恐怖政治を敷き、圧政を始める。イオロとシャミノはロード・ブリティッシュを探し出し、玉座に連れ戻すためにアバタールを召喚する。

At the start of Warriors of Destiny, the player learns that Lord British has been lost on an expedition into the Underworld, and a tyrant known as Lord Blackthorn now rules Britannia in his stead. Three shadowy figures known as the Shadowlords (beings born of shards remaining from the original gem conceived by evil wizard Mondain) have corrupted Blackthorn and terrorize the eight cities of Britannia. Blackthorn enforces a strict, fundamentalist version of the eight virtues, which leads to results that are anything but virtuous (for example, citizens are required to give to charity or else face execution). The Avatar is summoned back to Britannia by his friends using a magic coin, which was included as a trinket in the game's box. With the help of his old companions and some new ones, they form the Warriors of Destiny in order to eliminate the Shadowlords, undermine Blackthorn's rule, and restore Lord British to his throne.
The game deals with the issues of fundamentalism and moral absolutism.

Ultima V (MS-DOS) - Gameplay


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