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VIVA Questions in OS LAB Internal

posted Oct 7, 2009, 6:42 AM by Shivanarendra Nukala   [ updated Nov 13, 2009, 10:51 AM by Karthick P ]
Hi Friends,
Please find the viva questions asked in OS Lab Internal for the 1st batch today.

1) Return Values of fork()
2) What is OS ? Define.
3) What is the function call to create a pipe.  ANS: read and write
4) function call to change environmental variables.
5) Why do we use execvp();
6) Why we use fork()
7) How to check status of file
8) How many copies of a process are present in address space when fork is executed.
9) How to get the id of parent and current process. ANS: getppid() for parent, getpid() for current process.
10) How to get the id of child process of current process. ANS: fork() returns it.
11) What is a Semaphore?
12) What is a system call ?
13) Difference between pipe and message queue
14) What is pipe? What is message queue
15) Difference between system call, Procedure call,Function call.
16) What is environment variable?
17) In pipe what is the argument of pipe()function.
18) 0666--> What does this mean. Why do we only use 6 here. ANS: 666 are the access rights i.e read and write permissions are given to the User ,Group and Owner .
19) How do we create a message queue?
20) what is mtype in msgrcv
21) What are arguements of stat()
22) How does processes interact in message queue and pipes.
23) What are disadvantages of pipe. Mention atleast 3.
24) Difference b/w fork() and exec? why do we go for exec?
25) what is execvp()
26) How to create message queue?
27) What does 0 mean in 0666
28) 0666 - Why do we use 3 6's in this.?
29) What is difference b/w write and read sys call in pipe.
30) Difference between fork() & execvp()
31) How many process can we use in pipe()


1) File Management and fabinocci series upto n.
2) fork program, exec program, prime and composite (shell programs)
3) Shared Memory and factorial.
4) Producer,Consumer usinf semaphore and Factorial.
5) Echo Server using message queues and Paliondrome.
6) Echo server using Pipes and palindrome
7) Demonstration on environmental program, Prime or Composite.
8)Producer consumer using message queues, Swutch case in Shell program.
9)Producer Consumer using Message queues, any shell program.
10) Demonstration on stat() and fibonacci series in shell.

Karthick P,
Oct 7, 2009, 9:10 AM
Karthick P,
Oct 7, 2009, 9:11 AM