some information about current teaching



In 2008/9, I will not be teaching, as I am away on research leave at the Center for Ethics at Harvard University. 

You can still reach me via email both at u.heuer@leeds.ac.uk and at ulrike_heuer@ksg.harvard.edu.

Modules 2007/8

PHIL 3321 Metaethics (Autumn 2007). The course description is here (opens word-document). 

PHIL 3627 Matters of Life and Death and PHIL 2727 Ethics, Sex and Love (both Spring 2008). 

PHIL 5050 Ethical Theory (Spring 2008). MA module on Reasons and Rationality. The course description is here (opens word document).

Some general tips for writing philosophy essays 

You can find some advice for writing essays here (James Pryor's Guidelines for Writing a Philosophy Paper) as well as some advice on how not to write them here (Jimmy Lenman on How to Write a Crap Philosophy Essay).