talks etc.



Workshop on Practical Reasons and Legal Normativity, Frankfurt am Main, 14-19 August 2011 - 'Acting for the Right Reasons'.

Conference on Theoretical and Practical Rationality, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University Jerusalem, 10-12 January 2012.


Workshop on Raz, Centre for Law and Cosmopolitan Values, University of Antwerp, Belgium, 8-9 April 2011

Warwick philosophy colloquium, 19 May 2010 - 'The Paradox of Deontology, Revisited'. 

Philosophy department, Humboldt University Berlin, 11 Feb 2010 - 'The Paradox of Deontology, Revisited'. 

Arizona First Normative Ethics Workshop, 7-9 Jan 2010 - 'The Paradox of Deontology, Revisited'.

Nature of Values Workshop, Rutgers University, Dec. 4-5, 2009. 

York philosophy colloquium: 'The Paradox of Deontology, Revisited', Nov. 25, 2009.

'Reasons & Impossibility', Boston University, Ethics Colloquium, April 24, 2009.

Nature of Values Workshop, Columbia University, New York, Dec. 5-6, 2008. 

'Wrongness and Reasons,' Annual Conference of the British Society for Ethical Theory (BSET), Edinburgh, 14-16 July 2008. 

Comment on Ralph Wedgwood, 'Platonic Reasons,' conference on Reason and Value at the University of California, Santa Barbara, February 15-18, 2008

Workshop on Nature of Value, Columbia University, New York, Dec. 7-8, 2007 

'When Values Are Reasons,’ SPAWN conference 2007 on Practical Reason, July 29-31, Syracuse University, NY (comment by Margaret Gilbert)

'Professor Procrastinate's Reasons: Executive Failure as an Objection to Value-Based Accounts of Practical Reasons,' Popper Seminar, LSE, London, Philosophy department, May 29, 2007 

'When Values are Reasons,' Pacific APA , April 3-8, 2007, San Franscisco 

Workshop on Nature of Values, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Dec. 8-9, 2006 

'Wrongness and Reasons,' Moral Philosophy Seminar, Oxford, Oct. 9, 2006 

'Wrongness and Reasons,' Conference: Rationality, Reasons and Value, Vienna, June 9-11, 2006