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CEM seminar

Spring 2010

Thurs, 28 Jan     
Mon, 1 Feb      
Mon, 8 Feb       
Mon, 15 Feb

Thurs, 25 Feb      
Mon, 1 March
Thurs, 11 March
Mon, 15 March

Thurs, 29 April      
Thurs, 6 May
Mon, 10 May
Mon, 17 May
Thurs, 27 May         

Day & Time:
Mon 3-5 or
Thurs 3-5

Mon: Gillinson Room
Thurs: B36

CEM Workshops

Nicholas Southwood (ANU): 'In Defence of the Moral/Conventional Distinction'
Alix Cohen: 'Kant on Transcendental feelings: The other answer to Hume'
Andy McGonigal: 'Reasons and rational agency'
Daniel Elstein: 'Which outcomes is it rational to insure against, and what does this mean for justice?'
John Skorupski (St Andrews): 'Do reason relations exist?' - CANCELLED
Gerald Lang: 'What's Wrong with Moral Luck?'
Alex Voorhoeve (LSE): 'The Evaluation of Social Risks: Ex Ante or Ex Post?' abstract
Roxana Baiasu:'Points of view, embodiment and absoluteness: Could there be a disembodied thinking of 'what is there anyway'?'

*Spring Break*

Ido Geiger (Ben Gurion University): 'Kant on Rational Moral Feelings' abstract
Wouter Kalf: 'On Defending Moral Error Theory' abstract
Timothy Taylor: 'Value, Well-Being and Attitudinal States' abstract
Brian McElwee: 'The Structure of Demandingness Objections'
Philosopalooza!: Joint event of CMM and CEM

5/6 March: Value Concepts
Workshop on moral semantics and thick and thin moral concepts. Speakers: Matti Eklund (Cornell), Janice Dowell (Nebraska), Antti Kauppinen (Amsterdam/Dublin), Simon Kirchin (Kent), Debbie Roberts (Reading).  
27 May:    (Jointly with CMM) Philosopalooza
Papers by Erin Taylor (Cornell), and Wayne Wu (Ohio State)
    Contacts: Ulrike Heuer, Helen Steward, Robbie Williams
Speakers: Selim Berker (Harvard), Daniel Elstein (Leeds), Stephen Kearns (Florida State), Anna-Sara Malmgren (Austin), Kieran Setiya (Pittsburgh), Nishi Shah (Amherst), Daniel Star (Boston University), Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto)
                 Contact: Ulrike Heuer