Levent Ülkü

I am a professor of economics at ITAM.

Short bio, CV

Contact Information: levent.ulku {at} itam.mx

Published or submitted papers:

A model of approval, with Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti, working paper, 2022

A model of stochastic choice from lists, with Yuhta Ishii and Matthew Kovach, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2021

Satisficing with a variable threshold, with Matthew Kovach, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2020

Diversity relations over menus, with Jimena Galindo, Social Choice Welfare, 2020

Stochastic complementarity, with Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti, Economic Journal, 2019

Luce rule with limited consideration, with Alonso Ahumada, Mathematical Social Sciences, 2018

On the maximization of menu-dependent interval orders, with Juan P. Aguilera, Social Choice Welfare, 2017

Choosing two finalists and the winner, with Gent Bajraj, Social Choice Welfare, 2015

Similarity-based mistakes in choice, with Fernando Payro, Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2015

On cost sharing..,, with Jordi Masso, Antonio Nicolo, Arunava Sen and Tridib Sharma, Journal of Economic Theory, 2015

Mechanism design without monotone differences, Economic Theory Bulletin, 2014

Implementation in an interdependent value framework, Mathematical Social Sciences, 2014

Optimal combinatorial mechanism design, Economic Theory, 2013

Dormant papers:

Free to choose, with Radovan Vadovic and Tomas Sjostrom

Money-back guarantees, with Tridib Sharma