Dr. Ulrich Stingl 
Microbial Ecologist

Relocating to Saudi Arabia on August 1st   www.kaust.edu.sa   more soon


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Relocating to KAUST as Assistant Professor of Marine Science on August 1.


Thanks for looking at my homepage. Currently, I'm a senior scientist with Synthetic Genomics Inc. in La Jolla, CA.  Before that, I was a postdoctoral research associate at Oregon State University working in the marine ecology and evolution lab of Steve Giovannoni in Corvallis, OR, USA. My main research interests are in marine microbial ecology, and structure and function of bacterial communities. During my Ph.D. thesis, I applied molecular techniques to a tripartite symbiosis of bacteria and protozoa in the intestinal tracts of wood-feeding termites. These peculiar symbioses are considered pivotal for the wood digestion of termites. Research on symbiotic bacteria is mostly hampered by the fact that most of these specialists cannot be brought into pure culture in laboratories. In other environments, like e.g. soils or marine habitats, a lot of success on culturing so-called "unculturable" bacteria was made. Steve is one of the pioneers in that field and developed a patented method to isolate abundant bacteria from oceanic habitats. In my postdoctoral time at OSU, I learned and applied these techniques to different aquatic environments and also studied genomic variability and adaptations among the most abundant bacteria on earth, the marine SAR11 clade.