Champions Tourney

“Nothing in the world is the way it ought to be. It's harsh and cruel. But that's why there's us. Champions. It doesn't matter where we come from, what we've done or suffered, or even if we make a difference. We live as though the world was what it should be, to show it what it can be.”

Unto the populace of Vatavia, and our most noble friends and cousins in Calontir,

Our grand Barony’s anniversary is drawing nigh, and in celebration we would host a day of revelry and tourneys to celebrate the honor and chivalry of our noble people.

These tournaments shall determine the new Champions of our Barony as the victors of each tourney present themselves throughout the day. These most honored combatants shall be revered by the populace until next year’s anniversary when they must then either step down or stand once more to face all new challengers and defend their titles.

The day shall be filled with the following events:

- Archery, to determine who has the greatest accuracy and consistency.
- Armored Combat and Cut & Thrust, to see whose skill and prowess rises amongst the rest.
- Arts & Sciences, to decide who is the most skilled and learned.
- Bardic, to see who delights the fancies of all in attendance.

If so desired, you may enter more than one event held during this day.

In affirmation of our bonds of camaraderie, we open the lists to all people of Vatavia, Bois d’Arc, Moonstone, Theobald, and Westumbria.

Champion’s Oath

Decision to enter these Championships should not be made lightly. Do consider the following oath that we ask of you, and the duties that this esteemed position entails:

“Here do I swear my oath of service to the Barony of Vatavia. I pledge to uphold the laws, customs, and ideals of Calontir and the Society. To strengthen and defend the Barony of Vatavia and to represent her in matters of honor and justice as required. I will render faithful counsel to the Baronage, in times of peace and war. I will be ever mindful that the harmony of Vatavia springs from my own words and deeds, that I serve my Barony best by serving the needs of all her people.”

We ask the following duties of all Champions:

- To join our Court if invited.
- To act as an esteemed leader and mentor in your chosen discipline.
- To perform for the Barony a relevant task or work of your choice, to be made known before or at the next Baronial Championship.
- To arrange the tournament to find your successor in one year’s time.

In ever faithful service,
Baron Uldin of Ravenscroft and Baroness Sung Sai-êrh

April 28th, 2018

Festivities begin at 9am and will proceed until 6pm. We may gather elsewhere after to continue our revels.

OJ Watson Park
3022 S McLean Blvd
Wichita, KS 67217

Adult and Youth Site Fee: By donation; all are welcome, though please consider donating what you feel is an appropriate site fee.

Cash or check accepted.

Make checks payable to: SCA, Inc.- Barony of Vatavia.

Archery (Luchisnik)

To be determined.

Armored Combat (Borec)

To be determined.

Arts & Sciences (Estrádni Umelec)

A “Dragonfly” in any medium.

For documentation purposes we ask that you please provide the following: country of origin, period of origin, and characteristics of styles for that period. (Basic Documentation.)

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Criteria

Cut & Thrust

To be determined.

Bardic (Zevack)

Anything but Viking.

Baron Uldin of Ravenscroft and Sung Sai-êrh both appreciate songs, stories, performances, etc. that delight everyone in attendance.

Baron Uldin appreciates a good war ballad or story, pieces that get the blood pumping and the body and spirit ready for the field. Some examples of favorite pieces include Song of the Shieldwall, The March of Cambreadth, Warrior’s Wyrd, and Berserker Song.

Baroness Sung appreciates a good story, ballads, traditional songs, and a number of the folk standards of Calontir. She also enjoys stories and songs that highlight the chivalric virtues we ever strive to meet in the Society. Such pieces include The Veil, Raven Banner, At the Battle of Maldon, Belt and Chain, Benevento, English Curse, and Sing Calontir.

Order Meetings

We would hold council with the members of our orders this day,
to see that our leadership remains strong and just,
that our ranks are fully formed and skilled,
that our talents and artistry is pursued and taught,
that our service is both good and noble.


Feasting for the event will be a period potluck. Spinach & Asiago Chicken Sausage and Mozzarella & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage will be provided by the Baronage, as by tradition.

We ask that members of the populace bring a period side dish to pair with the main course. Breads, cheeses, fruits, the possibilities are endless.

Period Potluck Ideas

Directions & Map

O J Watson Park