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 Colin Wilson  (website owner),  MUGs Bassist

A trip to a music store in Harlem, Netherlands just to look of course... resulted in the purchase of my Ibanez Bass. Perfect set up too and better price than UK. Happy Days.

Ukuleles owned - 5    Bass's 2

Ibanez - GSRM20B-WNF Short scale travel bass

CountryMan U-BASS - Amplified with a Roland Micro Cube and Gig with Roland Cube 120xl Bass

Lani Concert - LC 70 MCGCE

Luna Concert - LG UKE MALU (peace engraved version)

Woodstock Soprano - with upgraded Aquila strings. My favorite everyday Uke and very cheap £26.00

Bango Ukulele Soprano - unknown make, cheapy but sounds reasonable on Aquila strings

Marma tenor banjo - now strung with aquila baritone GCEA strings, with capo on third fret. 

Other Instruments (still to master....)

Lapsteel, Mandolin, Clarinet, low 'D' whistle.

My current main instrument is my Ibanez Bass and U- Bass.

I have 'Depped' for the D'ukes ukulele band on a recent trip to France (2018) and also play regularly with the 'Brandy Hole Shanty Band'. As the band name suggest our music is traditional sea shanties. Great fun too. 

Please see my other website 'Colin Wilson Bassist' for information about my bass playing availability.

Always interested in joining other Bands or supporting open mic events.

email me ''