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National Reso-Phonic Concert Ukulele
Modern Koa
National Reso-Phonic Tri-Cone Ukulele
1930's National Reso-Phonic Tri-Cone
The National Stringed Instrument Corp. was founded in the mid 1920's by John Dopyera and George Beauchamp. It produced its first commercial instrument in 1927 (prior to this it produced a number of prototype instrument experimenting with resonators as an attempt to produce more volume), but due to a falling out over patents John left in 1928 and founded Dobro with his brothers, (technically leaving George the company however John Dopyera remained a director?). I won't continue the history here it is all written up on National's Website along with explanations of what the difference between the various types of resonators are (single cone, tri cone, spider cone etc.).

What appears to be the case though is whilst the Dobro name has passed through many owners over the years and doesn't currently make Ukuleles, National do. I don't think they have made Ukuleles throughout the preceding years, production seems to have stopped after WWII and started up again in the 2000's. All of the Ukuleles in the current catalogue are Concert Scale and single cone but they come in a variety of wood and metal body options some of which remain very faithful to some of the original National designs

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