Lardy's Database of Ukulele Makers

Acoustic, Electro-Acoustic or Electric Lili'u

Big Rusty Archtop Baritone Lili'u

Big Rusty Baritone
I would especially like a Baritone Lili'u
and this one is even an Archtop too!

Favilla Winbrola Acoustic Lili'u
Favella Winbrola
Leolani Zebrawood
its fairly cheap and I like Zebrawood!
The name itself comes from Queen Lili'uokalani, the last of the Hawaiian monarch's who, in her youth helped make the Ukulele popular in Hawaii in the late 19th century.
D&D Baritone Lili'u circa 2008D&D Mini Baritone
G-String Acoustic Baritone Lili'u Ukulele
G Srting Baritone
Mele Double Hole Acoustic Tenor
Mele Jumbo Tenor
White Label Kamaka Lili'u
White Lable Kamaka
Hana Roundback Cutaway Tenor
Kapono Pineapple
T Dilcher Pineapple
Greene Pepper Lili'u
Greene Pepper Experiment
Kimo Lili'u
Kulu Koa Electro-Acoustic Lili'u

The Lili'u Ukulele is a 6 string Ukulele but it differes from a Guitalele because it still only uses the 4 Ukulele notes gCEA. The C note and the A note use 2 strings. The G can be high or low and the A pair can be in unison or an octave apart but the C pair are always an octave apart. A lot of messing about perhaps but it is suppose to work particularly well with the human singing voice? The Ukulele's themselves come as Baritone, Tenor or sometimes Concert scale.

I have an Ashbury Electro-Acoustic Tenor Lili'u but it is possible I will get another one particularly if I was to come across a Baritone one...

or a pineapple one...

or if one was from a good maker...

or if one was a bargain...

And of course a good pre loved one would be welcome too, though there aren't that many of them